F BombCast 140: FBC the Butch

Here it is folks, The Month of Horror Begins and quite frankly i think this leads to one of our greatest discussions ever in the history of our show. We talk Hammer, We talk Midnight Movie, We Talk Scream, Horror Comedy like Young Frankenstein and Ghostbusters II, American Werewolf in London is here too. And then we get into the meat of the episode with a discussion of Last House on the Left and whether or not it is actually horror. Some comics are discussed but frankly it doesn’t matter as the reason for our existence this month is Horror.
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Alternate Reality – Episode 64

Alternate Reality - Episode 64

Alternate Reality – Episode #64

‘Family Guy’ Song Parody Sued
Wii Brings On The NeoGeo
‘Halo’ Movie Completely Dead
President/Co-Publisher of Archie Comics Richard Goldwater Passes Away
New Iron Man teaser poster
‘The Universe’ Continues
CW sells Saturday morning block to 4Kids
Torres confirms Teen Titans Go! will go on

Movies – Good Luck Chuck
TV – Chuck
Trades – Mouse Guard, Teen Titans: Judas Contract

Best “Funny” Scary Movies of all Time!!!

Market Watch: DVD’s & Trades Hitting the Street

Previews: A Look at the upcoming week’s Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and (of course) Comics,

Convention Outlook

Comedy Bit of the Week

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