RBDHB Yale Stewart Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB Yale Stewart Interview BCC 2014

We had the pleasure of interviewing Yale Stewart again at this years Boston Comic Con. We talk all about JL8!

Check out the audio version of this interview:

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Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/27/13


Best crossover fight that hasn’t happened yet? Deadpool and Madcap vs. Ambush Bug and Lobo.

This week we review:
Nova # 100 Yale Stewart back-up (:48)
Damian: Son of Batman # 2 (2:45)
The Superior Spider-Man # 22 (5:50)
Deadpool Annual # 1 (9:20)
Talon # 13 (13:20)
Justice League Dark # 25 (18:12)
The Flash # 25 (20:50)
Aquaman # 25 (25:00)

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RBDHB: Yale Stewart Interview

Real Books Don’t Have Batman interviews JL8’s creator Yale Stewart
Among the mass amounts of awesome people we were grateful to talk to at Boston Comic Con, we scored an interview with Yale Stewart, the creator of the JL8 webcomic. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not reading it, so check out the interview and support his work!
Here is the full 20 minute interview https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb-yale-stewart-interview
and here is the shorter video interviewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV9UPtzGXxE

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