Episode #40: You Say You Want A Revolution
From Alt3red Egos

Pip pip, cheerio. Fancy a spot of tea?
X and Cuban talk about the return of Marvel UK
in Revolutionary War and yes … it’s lovely.

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Dark Horse Addiction – Episode 2

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Show Notes

Dark Horse Addiction returns for the second episode!

Join Leo and Charles as they discuss the #1 for $1 issues of Captain Midnight and X, along with Bad Blood #1 and Pariah. (There are likely some spoilers). Also, a quick discussion on the respectability of the Dark Horse name when publishing comics.

Leo and Charles also make plans to ask Mike Mignola and Eric Powell questions at Wizard World New Orleans, whether they want to or not.

Don’t forget to check out the special “.1” episode, an interview with Dark Horse writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal which is the companion show to this episode.

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Alternate Reality – Episode 361


Alternate Reality – Episode #361

It seems that once again Chris Partin has abandoned the Alternate Reality crew.  He’s highly unreliable that way.  Apparently Chris’s real world problems have caught up with him and he’s got to go rescue his family from a flood or something or other.  So Jon and Charlie, never ones to let the grass grow under their feet, comb through the co-host application stack that they’ve secretly been compiling without Partin’s knowledge for just such an occasion.  What do they find?  Why it’s Darren Steeves from the Definitive Geek podcast.  Darren is a longtime friend of the show and he was more than happy to fill in for the absent Chris Partin.  Problem:  Darren hasn’t read any comics in 6 months!!! OH-NO! What’s Jon and Charlie to do??? Will this be the reunification of Darren and comics?  Will the new dynamic work?  Will the guys be forced to beg Partin back?  Will this be a really boring episode?  Stay tuned to find out.


00:00:00 – Cold Open

Comic Reviews

00:07:11 – Batman #20
00:23:23 – X #1
00:26:40 – Thor: God of Thunder #8
00:37:27 – Batman & The Red Hood #20
00:50:43 – Star Wars #5
01:08:51 – Avengers Arena #9
01:14:23 – Avengers #11
01:25:11 – Justice League of America #3

01:38:19 – Extended Comics Talk (31mins 7secs)

02:09:26 – Close Out

Intro/Exit Music: Kelly Loveless

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Comic News Insider Episode 462 – TED Talks

Comic News Insider: Episode 462 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Batman Incorporated #8, Five Weapons #1, Uncanny Skullkickers #1, Amalas Blade #0, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 #0.1, Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #1

Jimmy is back in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida and as is tradition, old highschool/college best pal Ted joins him as co-host! The boys discuss the hit viral Wonder Woman fan trailer, some NPR Cliffnotes and the recent episode of The Walking Dead. Ted discusses his toy  collection and first trade show as a retailer. News includes: MonkeyBrain Comics will come to print, some quick TV/Film bits like a possible new Tomb Raider film, Megan Fox in the new TMNT movie, Pushing Daisies to air on Chiller and Tim Curry joins the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon. LOTS of Emerald City Comic Con news including Gail Simone writing a new Red Sonja book, a new 100 Bullets prequel called Brother Lono from the original creators, Joe Madureira returns to WolverineWest Coast Ultimates starring Ultimate Wonder Man, Black Knight and others,  Dark Horse Comics makes ongoing series out of X, Ghost, The Victories and Captain Midnight,  and IDW will bring 3 new GI Joe titles along with an updated X-Files comic series. Phew! Must have been a busy convention! Also, Jimmy hears from Sean Wang about his Runners Kickstarter. Go support it! As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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The Reel Deal – Avengers
From Alt3red Egos

!!! Recently Un-posted, 5/7/2012 – by X !!!

“Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together
a team of super humans to form The Avengers
to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.”

Starring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans,
Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson,
Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson & Mark Ruffalo

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Once Upon a Time Shotcast!
From Alt3red Egos

!!! Recently Un-posted, 4/30/2012 – by X !!!

What would happen if fairy tale characters were real?
Let’s take it a step further and suppose they don’t know
they are fairy tale characters? Sound familiar? It should!
This week the Cuban explores ABC’s Once Upon a Time!

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Two True Freaks! Episode 187 – The MYSTERY Video Game Episode


The Freaks’ recent video game was so popular that we have followed it up with – MORE VIDEO GAMES! What games? It’s a mystery! Who is the MYSTERY HOST? Sorry, no spoilers here! All I can say is listen in to hear a BOLD, NEW PODCASTER who may just sound vaguely familiar…….



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