Where Monsters Dwell 274: Year Ender Episode

WMD 274

It’s our last show of 2013 and we want to thank each and every one of you who have tuned in to listen to us ramble on about one thing or another. Thanks also to those fine individuals who have helped support us by purchasing some of our swag either at a convention, at Strange Adventures or through our online store.

This episode is filled with us talking about the Wonder Woman pilot, comics and probably at least a little bit of Star Wars.

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F BombCast 138: There Are No Chimps in Borneo, you Moolyuk

Week three of the month of simians brings us the strongest of the sequels and some may say the strongest of the movies in general, Conquest of Planet of the Apes. Rowdy Roddy McDowell brings us an oscar worthy performance as Caesar, the leader of the insurrection and the son of the lovable Zira and Cornellius. Wonder Woman shows up and kicks the shit out of Jonathan Frakes Beard as TJ’s Daughter spits pea soup all over the dread pirate Roberts. I may have confused a few things there but i am still drinking my morning coffee. We get a run down from the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention from Denise, and a long awaited Monkey boy e-mail. A few comics are gone over such as Morning Glories, The Boys, and other comics are discussed as the boys venture down a long road of trying to get Yelnick McWawa elected in 2012.

Get it on iTunes, at www.fbombcast.com, or this little guy right below.