Sidekickcast Episode #30 – It Ain’t the Filth!

Sidekickcast Episode #30 - It Ain't the Filth!

A little bit late this week due to all the Sidekicks being gainfully employed and lazy as all hell, Gavin and Dan are joined by Sidekickcast regular Mikey Bumchin for what’s sure to be an X-Tastic episode. We start the show by taking a look at the Kick Ass movie and all the Halo media that’s floating about at the moment especially the HellJumpers comic book by Peter David.

In a packed Stack Attack we bring back the 2 minute Wonder where Gavin tries to review as many comics as he can in 2 minutes, in his hung over state will he manage more than 3? We also take a look at Blackest Night #4, X-Necrosha, Psylocke #1,Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1, Last Resort #3, X-Force #20, Superman: Secret Origin #2, Haunt #2, Punisher #10, Wolverine: Weapon-X #5, Life Undead, Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 and X-Factor #50.

Can the dream team of Mikey Bumchin and Dan add to Gavin’s downfall in Secrets and Lies; the comic book news quiz that tries to pull the wool over your eyes. The Torch #3 is the last hope in trying to get Dan to read something he wouldn’t usually in Knowing Me, Knowing You. In a rare Dig That! we have the man that gave us Planet Hulk in the house to gage our reactions to the 2006 Marvel event. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some ridiculous out-takes.

Sidekickcast Episode #28 – BICS and Bobs

Sidekickcast Episode #28 - BICS and Bobs

The Welsh Coast Avengers take over the podcast once again so we hear from X-Centric Ned and Davlo aswell as your usual hosts Gavin (The Boneman) and Dan (Marshall Law). That’s not all though, we also get a special BICS 2009 report from past Sidekickcast guests Crazy Boatman and Lil’ Fat Mikey, the Sidekicks are amongst us and doing good works across the lands.

Stack Attack is pretty much Dan’s domain this week as Gavin is still suffering from a mixture of post-con blues and exhaustion. We cover Batman and Robin #4, Red Robin #3, Olympus #3, 28 Days Later #2, Thor #603, Wolverine: Weapon-X #5 and X-Men: Legacy Annual #1.

Secrets and Lies
the comic book news quiz reaches new highs (or lows dependant on you point of view) as an undecided team go back and forth over their choice over and over and over….
We get DCU animation fan X-Centric Ned’s views on the latest offering; Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. We’ve also got some added extras this week in the form of a Tipple Too Much recorded live from the bar at BICS 2009 and please don’t forget to keep listening for some booze enduced out-takes.