Comics Alternative On Location: Talking with Creators at Wizard World Comic Con Austin 2015

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Wet, but Fun


Over Halloween weekend, Derek was at the Wizard World Comic Con event in Austin, TX. There, he had the good fortune to talk with several creators, publishers, and a couple of fellow podcasters in attendance. In this episode you’ll hear brief interviews with:

Despite the heavy rains and flooding, the Wizard World con was well attended. It being Halloween weekend, one couldn’t really tell whether the cosplaying left off and All Hallows’ Eve began. Major creators as well as local artists attended the event, and Derek took the opportunity to talk with those whose work reflected the independent and small-press nature of the podcast.


Nathan Edmondson Video Interview

Freddie got the chance to sit down with writer Nathan Edmondson at Wizard World Austin back in November to discuss Grifter, the DCnU, The Activity, working with artists Mitch Gerads and Nic Klien, screenwriting, Batman, and more.

Issue #4 of Grifter hits shelves this Wednesday. (12/14) Be sure to check it out!

For more info on Nathan Edmondson check out

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