Wayne’s Comics Podcast #230 With Lou Frontier

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It’s always great to talk with Indie comics creators, and this week I chat with Lou Frontier, creator of Wicker from Insane Comics!

Here’s the book’s description: “Wicker is an episodic historical horror series set throughout out three centuries and follows the generational woes of a cursed family as they deal with being claimed by The Wicker Witch, in Andover, MA. Terror ensues through horrific tales of creation, revenge, atonement, and the legacy of the Wicker Witch. Writer – Lou Frontier, Pencils & Inks – Jason Themm, Colors – DC Alonso, and Letters – Alex Giles.”

Lou talks about how the team came together for this book as well as the intense characters you’ll find in Wicker! He also discusses American Bison, another Insane Comics title he’s been working on, as well as other projects he’s developing.

To get your copies of these books, either digital or paper, go to the store at Insane Comics’ website! Be sure to support these excellent comics!