Zone 4 #283: Movies Based on Comics

The crew returns to discuss 20 movies that you might not know were based on comics.

This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon, Ron.

To kick things off, Gordon and Ron share their thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Then, we discuss Don Pardo and various headlines ranging from film, to TV, to comics.

For Topic Time, we talk about 40 movies (but we only get to 20) that you may or may not know were based on comic books, with some added stories and discussion on the movies themselves.

And we close out the show with announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

F BombCast 75: Contest Time!

Well folks, we have been doing this for about 75 shows now and we decided it was a good time for you all to make your own intro. The contest announced last episode is upon us, and TJ uses his handy dandy random number generator to help with the results. Also a new contest is announced and the winners will be announced on episode 80. A lot of stuff is discussed in this show: The Crazies, Whiteout, Suspiria, Step-Brothers, some dutch film, and Constantine. Get your laugh track ready cause sitcoms are our top five, then plenty of glorious comics talk. She Hulk, Wonder Woman, Human Target, Super Girl, Young Inhumans, Choker, and Wildstorm after the Fall all get a good amount of time. Which two do TJ think are some of the worst comics written? Listen and find out.

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Alternate Reality – Episode 246

Alternate Reality Episode 246

Alternate Reality – Episode #246

The boys fight off frostbite as they attempt to dissect the movie ‘Whiteout’ starring Kate Beckinsale and based on the comic book written by Greg Rucka.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:12 – Intro Music
0:00:48 – Intro

0:08:40 – Whiteout Review

0:55:11 – Close
1:02:49 – Exit Music
1:04:39 – Bonus Outtakes

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AudioShocker Podcast #96 – INSERT AWESOME TITLE HERE

We discuss Whiteout, Teeth, Boondock Saints II, Lionheart, Death Warrant, Double Impact, and Koi Kaze.

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