MwaP Episode 98: Bite Bite

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The boys are back with a new episode!! In this episode Scott discusses what Corwin would do if was in Hawkeye’s situation during the snap, then Scott turns 33 in the middle of the podcast. Meanwhile Corwin blames technical difficulties for sleeping during the show, and then takes a stand on real body art images. Warning there are spoilers for Endgame on this episode!! The Deadpool books for March 2019 are reviewed. In Past-O-Vision the boys travel back to 2005 to finish up the Enema of the State arc of Cable & Deadpool. Finally in Monty’s Predictions, they visit the their old predictions and make new ones. And as always Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a PSA. Reminder episode 100 we will be covering Cowboy Bebop and Re: Zero. Get watching everyone!!

P.S. Keep e-mail/messaging us what anime series we should cover in episode 100..

0:01:32 Avengers Endgame SPOILERS
0:18:35 News
0:29:55 West Coast Avengers (2018) #9
0:39:56 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #47
0:49:00 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #48
0:56:24 Deadpool (2018) #10
1:04:25 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #16
1:17:27 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #17
1:39:12 Monty’s Predictions

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”

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Super Hero Speak – #97: Steve Englehart

This week the guys sit down with Steve Englehart. They talk about his time at Marvel, DC and Atari. And the multiple times he “quit comics for good”. Co-creator of such characters as Kilowag, Mantis and Star Lord, Steve has had a huge impact not only on comics, but the movies his stories have inspired. What more can you say about the guy that came up with the idea of the Joker Fish? So sit back and Enjoy Steve Englehart on Super Hero speak!


Check out Steve’s website here:

Also check out the 15 greatest Steve Englehart stories:

#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: Name an actor who has played two different parts in the MCU. Hint not Chris Evans.

Answer: Enver Gjokaj played a cop in the Avengers and agent Sousa in Agent Carter

And the Winner is: Nathan Withrow, congrats you are the Geek of the Week!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Where and when was the first Star-Lord story published?

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The PKD Black Box-Episode #40: The Shawn & Donny Show!

In Episode 40 Shawn and Donny answer questions from the listeners and podcaster Darrell Taylor, discuss comics, Big Daddy Kane, Shaft, Iron Man on roller skates, Secret Wars I and II omnibus, Jolt Cola, Rambo vs. Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly, tangents, and tell the world that Chocolate Skittles are nasty. Enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving!

(The PKD Black Box is a explicit podcast because at times we cuss.)


Action Lab Entertainment Presents: Fracture

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Reality Wasted:

The PKD Black Box – Episode #38: The Warrock-M.A.S.K.-Eliopolous Super Show!

This weeks “massive edition” of The PKD Black Box starts off with Shawn having a conversation with MC Adam Warrock (aka Eugene Ahn) about his new album “The War For Infinity,” the “West Coast Avengers Mixtape,” hip-hop & geekdom and even rappers that can communicate with dolphins. Then Jason Wood from the 11 O’ Clock Comics podcast stops by to talk about college life, Busta Rhymes, and everything you need to know about M.A.S.K. as he and Shawn go all nostaligic. Last, but definitely not least co-host Jon Carroll stops by as he and Shawn have a solid interview with talented creator Chris Eliopolous (Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers) as we discuss all-ages comics, the art of lettering, why having talent at times can be overrated, and the hard work that’s necessary to make comics.

This episode is so massive that the next PKD Black Box will not air until November 10th. In it’s place for the next two weeks will be the Tales From The Attic podcast.

Shout-outs to DJ Ruckus Roboticus, Cookiehead Jenkins & the Pontiac Fiero.

Enjoy! (The PKD Black Box is a explicit podcast because at times we cuss, FYI.)


Adam Warrock

The War For Infinity


11 O’ Clock Comics

Chris Eliopolous


Wonder Woman Day

The PKD Black Box – Episode #35: Puff Daddy Goes to the Movies.


This week’s show Shawn talks about/reviews Adam Warrock’s West Coast Avengers Mixtape, Tim Fischer’s web comic “Life With The Wife,” waxes about some Star Trek: TNG casting that never happened, and is later joined by Matinee Idles hosts Joey Auliso & Alec Berry as they have a roundtable discussion about the state of the film industry as the PKD Black Box/Matinee Idles collabo month continues.

Grab your popcorn, throw away your 3D Glasses, find that Puff Daddy CD from the 90’s that you loved so much (you know you loved it, so please don’t front), and enjoy the show.


Adam Warrock

Life With The Wife

Matinee Idles

Star Trek: TNG Casting

Back To The Bins! #33


Join Scott H. Gardner and a SURPRISE MYSTERY GUEST as they travel ‘Back to the Bins’ to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned random Comic Book back issues!!

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