Burnt Weiners Episode 075 Flashpoint #2 – Fear Itself #3 – Reed Gunther #1

DC has big news, and we practically ignore it during the show! Not because we are against it, but more due to the fact that we are all taking a wait and see approach, but Bo will kill people if Lobo doesn’t get his own title and Weed will break arms if Secret Six with Gail Simone doesn’t return. John is gonna slobber on you while you sleep no matter what happens! Plenty of comics to talk about.


Into and Outro music:
Vanguard – Flash Gordon (Remix)

0:02:40 – Genecy #1 (Invision Comics)
0:11:38 – Weird Worlds #6 (DC)
0:16:24 – Secret Six #34
0:22:10 – Moriarty #1 (Image)
0:26:25 – Reed Gunther (Image)
0:31:45 – DC Universe Online #7 (DC)
0:32:14 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #1 (DC)
0:36:45 – Flashpoint #2 (DC)
0:44:40 – Flashpoint Batman Knights of Vengeance #1 (DC)
0:50:40 – Criminal Last of the Innocents #1 (Icon)
0:54:05 – Daken #9.1 (Marvel)
0:54:28 – Solomon Kane #3 (Dark Horse)
0:55:40 – Fear Itself #3 (Marvel)
0:56:50 – Crossed 3D (Avatar Press)
1:03:15 – Strange Times, Tales of the Parents Basement and wrap up!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 072 Spider Man Fear Itself #1 – Witch Doctor – Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day 2011 has just wrapped up and the Weiners invaded 5 separate stores to check out what they were offering, and are really impressed by what some of the companies were offering!


Into and Outro music:
TMNT Soundtrack – T-U-R-T-L-E Power

0:02:25 – Free Comic Book Day and Thor movie talk
0:11:25 – Super Dinosaur FCBD 2011 Edition (Image)
0:17:55 – The Tick FCBD 2011 Edition (New England)
0:21:43 – Heroes For Hire #6 (Marvel)
0:27:35 – Spider-Man: Fear itself #1 (Marvel)
0:31:20 – Fear Itself #2 (Marvel)
0:37:05 – Gladstones School For World Conquerors #1 (Image)
0:42:10 – Irredeemable #25 (Boom!)
0:47:25 – Young Justice/Brave and Bold FCBD 2011 Edition (DC)
0:51:00 – MouseGuard/Dark Crystal FCBD 2011 Edition (Archaia)
0:55:28 – Witch Doctor Preview (Image)
0:59:16 – Weird Worlds #5 (DC)
1:00:40 – Magic The Gathering FCBD 2011 Edition (WOTC)
1:03:40 – Moon Knight #1 (Marvel)
1:08:24 – Annihilators #1-3 (Marvel)
1:08:16 – Spike #8 (IDW)
1:09:45 – Wrap up

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Burnt Weiners Episode 068 Fear Itself #1 – Orc Stain #6

Dropping into Fear Itself after being a bit out of the Marvel Events loop, the Weiners really like what they are seeing done. Lots of talk about plenty of favorites, and it is decided this was one great week of comics!
0:03:55 – Weird Worlds #4 (DC)
0:09:25 – Dungeons & Dragons #5 (IDW)
0:12:50 – SkullKickers Mini-Discussion
0:15:00 – Star Wars: Darth Vader & The Lost Command #3 (Dark Horse)
0:19:53 – DC Universe Online Legends #5 (DC)
0:24:30 – Orc Stain #6 (Image)
0:29:40 – Deadmen Decimation TPB (Arcana)
0:32:06 – Secret Six #32 (DC)
0:37:15 – Jonah Hex #66 (DC)
0:40:35 – Solomon Kane Red Shadows #1 (Dark Horse)
0:47:15 – Brightest Day #23 (DC)
0:52:45 – The Boys #53 (Dynamite Ent)
0:57:00 – Age of Bronze Vol 1 (Image)
1:01:45 – Fear Itself #1 (Marvel)
1:17:15 – DC Universe Online & Wrap Up

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Burnt Weiners Episode 061 Crossed Family Values #7

The insanity and debauchery of Avatar Press Comics finally strolls into the spotlight on the Burnt Weiners Podcast with the last issue of Crossed: Family Values! Bo and John have been fans since the beginning, will Weed jump on to the horrible bandwagon?

Weed has his pullbox full this week with I Zombie #10 (Vertigo), DC Universe Online Legends #1, Brightest Day #19 (DC) and Weird Worlds (DC). Then also reports in with a blast from the past with a Daredevil issue from 1988!

Bo checks in with Fall Of The Wolfmen (Accent UK) and Forty-Five (ComX). John puts off bathing to read Ghostopolis (Scholastic) and Jesus Hates Zombies (215).

And before the show wraps up, a quick discussion on some recent turrmoils between Penny Arcade and online bloggers.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 057 Weird Worlds #1

Four Weiners, three tales of weird worlds . . . and a Lobo in a Bastich Tree! Coming from Dc Comics this past week was the anthology comic Weirld Worlds, featuring three different tales featuring Lobo, Garbage Man, and Tanga. Do the guys like it the comic, or do they slash it up with the jawbone of an ass they keep hanging on the wall?

Steege checks out some comic about Just Beiber (I refuse to look it up to see if that is how you spell his name) from Bluewater comics, and then checks out a graphic novel A God Somewhere (Wildstorm). Bo stomps Lobo back into our hearts and then shoves it down our throat with his chain covered hand.

Weed rambles off a really long list of comics he has been reading, stopping to tell usabout some of his favorites with Brightest Day #17 (DC) and Thanos Imperative COLON Devestation (Marvel). Stuff of Legend (Th3rd World) makes John want to bust out his old army men to declare war on the Bogeyman!

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