Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #172: Does it Matter? Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor.

Episode #172

On this podcast we talk about that Jesse Eisenberg / Lex Luthor thing that happened. Then we move on to X-Men, Geek Cred, and review Earth 2 Annual #2 and Saga #18. Listen in!


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Randumb Idiocy- Episode 68: Can Bee-Boy cure HIV?

Internet celebrity Brendan Bradley visits the virtual studio and we discuss why you shouldn’t mock people on twitter, possible cures for HIV and the amazing (and a little troubling) success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter. We also have an in depth talk about the nature of web based entertainment, as well as Brendan’s current endeavors with Machinima.

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Randumb Idiocy Ep 67 – Holy Spoilers Batman!

Internet icon Woody Tondorf is the guest in this great episode. We discuss current Batman comic news, my underage alcoholic brunches, some great web series you should be checking out and we get a tease about Woody’s upcoming Battle for the Cowl/Dark Knight Rises sequel project. After this episode it is fairly certain that neither Woody or I will be working for Marvel comics anytime soon.

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Randumb Idiocy: A conversation with Brendan Bradley


Creator and star of the award winning web series Squatters, Brendan Bradley, makes a return to the show this week. We discuss the webseries Jeff and Ravi Fail History, Squatters and I reveal that I know a little to much about the adult film industry.

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