Super Hero Speak – #13: J.G. Jones

This week John and Dave sit down with one of the top artist in the business today, J. G. Jones. Know for his work on Wanted, Final Crisis and Before Watchmen: The Comedian J. G. is one of the best out there and a favorite of the hosts. He gave us insight into his career and has some words of wisdom for kids wanting to break into the comic book business today. Sit back and enjoy!


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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 82

We discuss how Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis reminds us of Fight Club, Suicide Club, and of course…The Baby-Sitters Club.

the list:
[01:18] Nemesis #1
[12:30] Shuddertown #1
[17:37] Supergod #3
[24:09] FVZA #3

[33:01] Uncanny X-Men #522
[39:32] New Avengers #63
[43:17] Thor #608
[50:03] Avengers – The Initiative 34
[54:17] Green Lantern #52

Teenage Wasteland Episode 55 – Movie Talk

This week I sit down, go over some e-mail, and review (what I consider) a lot of movies. Enjoy, people.

Movies Discussed: Dogma, Traitor, Wanted, RocknRolla, Bad Lieutenant,
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Pulp Fiction

Music Featured is by Lady Gaga.

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Comic Timing Special: Wanted Movie Review

Ian and Brent discuss Wanted, the film based on the Top Cow comic book series! How faithful is it? Does it measure up to the other comic book films released this summer? And what do New York sewer rats have to do with all this? Find out here, at Comic Timing!

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We shall see you back here next week with another podcast crossover with Half Hour Wasted!

Alternate Reality – Episode 166

Alternate Reality - Episode 166

Alternate Reality – Episode #166

Wanted Movie Review

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