Sidekickcast Episode #25 – The Welsh Coast Avengers

The World’s (or at least Wales’) Mightiest Heroes assemble for the 25th episode spectacular of Sidekickcast. The Sidekick role call includes regular hosts Dan (Marshall Law) and Gavin (The Boneman), Davlo graces us with his brain power and an X-Centric character from the old days makes a dramatic return. Did you make it to Avatar day? No? Well the Sidekicks have got you covered with their preview of the exclusive Avatar footage presented by James Cameron.

In Stack Attack this week The Sidekickcs review Batgirl #1, Daredevil #500, Viking #3, Poe #2, Cable #17 and Superman #688. Chris Claremont’s X-Men: Forever #1-5 get’s the X-Centric treatment, will it live up to past glories?

Dan assembles a crack team of comic book knowledge in our pub quiz-esque comic book news game Secrets and Lies. In Knowing Me, Knowing You, Dan tackles the sequel to last episode’s choice; Superman: The Stand on Krypton whilst Gavin supposedly takes a look at The Losers vol.2. We end the show on a high brow note with The Arrival this week’s Dig That! choice from comic book artist Stuart Tipples and the usual out-takes play out after the outro music.