Wayne’s Comics Podcast #206: Evan Dahm

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I love variety in my comics reading, and one of my favorite webcomics/trade paperbacks is the Vattu series from creator Evan Dahm, who I talk with during this 206th episode of my Wayne’s Comics Podcast. The first volume, called Vattu: the Name & the Mark, got me hooked when I met Evan at this year’s Heroes Con in North Carolina. He’s now in the middle of a current Kickstarter.com project for his second book, Vattu: the Sword & the Sacrament. They’re described as “the first two books of a graphic novel series about conquest and identity, set in a world of strange creatures.” To participate, be sure to go to this link before the project concludes on Thursday, December 17, at 9:10 a.m. EST.

Evan and I talk about several of the series’ engaging layers of story, what attracted me to it and keeps me coming back for more, the various characters in the books, and how you can also access Vattu! Go to rice-boy.com/vattu to enjoy this title as a webcomic series, which is how I got to read the second trade (and even part of the third)! It’s the winner of the 2014 Ignatz Award for Best Online Comic and the 2013 Stumptown Comic Arts Award for best webcomic. You can follow along via TumblrFacebook, or RSS.. If you’re looking for something new, creative and different, don’t miss this excellent book in graphic novel or webcomic format – after you hear my fun conversation with Evan, of course!