Beyond My Comic Shop: Creator Chat with V Ken Marion

Host Anthony Desiato welcomes comic book artist V Ken Marion (HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, TRINITY) for a fun and wide-ranging conversation. Anthony and Ken nerd out over comics and SMALLVILLE, mount a defense of Zack Snyder’s DC films (spoiler warning for JUSTICE LEAGUE), and discuss how Ken navigates the comic book industry. (Encore presentation. Originally aired as an episode of Flat Squirrel Tales on 11/29/17.)

My Comic Shop Book Club: Doomsday Clock #1

Host Anthony Desiato launches a brand-new subseries of My Comic Shop History: My Comic Shop Book Club! In the debut installment, Anthony and DC Comics artist V Ken Marion (HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, TRINITY) discuss the first issue of the DC event series DOOMSDAY CLOCK by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #16 – All New Soulfire #1

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #16 right now:

Hank 300 and Nick Marino

V Ken Marion

Show Notes:
Ken joins Hank and Nick to talk about his art for Aspen‘s All New Michael Turner’s Soulfire #1, a special $1 introductory issue that’s in comic shops this week.

Last time we talked to Ken, he was about to start working on this issue. Now that the comic book is in your hands, he’s ready to dish about his creative process!

From character designs to page layouts, Ken discusses the artistic decisions that went into his pencils for All New Soulfire #1.

Plus: Giant metal spiders, considering favorite characters when composing a page, depictions of different body types, cybernetic limbs, and more.

Next Episode:
Battle Angel Alita v3 chapters 1-3! ATCRP takes a week off as Shawn Atkins returns with a new episode of Gello Shots!