Comic Tube Special : New York City Comic Con 2009

Leroy Brad and Vikki go over the 2009 New York City Comic Con

0:00 – Show Opening

5:35 – News

24:03 – New York Comic Con 2009 Discussion


54:30 – Intro Con Interviews (Ian from the comic timing podcast

56:40 – Ian Stevens; Game Developer for Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena for PS3/360 (

59:38 – Wes Uniagi; Game Developer for DC Universe Online for PS3/PC ( and

1:08:33 – James Clarinan Programer for Ghostbusters for the Wii (

1:17:12 – Dan Wallance Producer for Marvel Ulitmate Alliance 2 for the PS3/360/WII/PSP/DS. (

1:23:15 – James Tucker Producer for Batman Brave and The Bold (

1:27:57 – Brad Rego 221 Films (

1:34:23 – Blake Libel Creator of United Free Worlds and Director of Spaceballs the Animated Series (

1:42:32 – Tony lead singer from the band Feinix down (

1:48:11 – Casual Conversation with Sam from Haft Entertainment (email

Friends Of The Show

2:02:36 – Ma’at from the DaFixers hideout podcast (

2:04:18 – Alec from The Teenage Wasteland Podcast (

2:06:29 – Ken from the Too Old To Grow Up and Legion of Dudes Podcast ( &

2:11:34 – Jim Deetz also known as YodaJones from The Legion of Dudes Podcast ( and Chef of the Gypsy Cafe located in 1330 Bingham St, Pittsburgh, PA. (

2:15:07 – Show News and Closing.

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Comic Timing – Episode 83: Live From NYCC!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live from New York Comic Con! We have guests galore, and fans of the show as well. All weekend we conducted interviews from Podcast Arena and Artist Alley, so listen in and check everything out! And thanks again to NYCC for the space.

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