Comics Alternative, Episode 170: A Publisher Spotlight on Vertigo

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Full o’ Vertigo


For their first publisher spotlight of 2016, Andy and Derek focus on the new wave of titles from Vertigo, those being launched between October and December of last year. As you might expect, this is an extra long episode of the podcast because the guys discuss twelve new series, and some of them already with three and four issues released. These include:

Both Derek and Andy enjoy almost all of these titles, but there are a few that really stand out for them — and they spend a disproportionate time discussing — including The Twilight ChildrenUnfollowJacked, and Sheriff of Babylon. They also use their analysis of Lucifer to segue into a brief coverage of The Sandman: Overture, Deluxe Edition. The first of that six-issues miniseries was part of the guys’ earlier Vertigo spotlight back in November 2013, and a central component of that publisher’s previous wave of new titles, but the collected edition was just released late last year. Although it had an unusually long incubation period, The Sandman: Overture does help Andy and Derek juxtapose Vertigo’s two big release efforts, leading them into a discussion of possible new directions the publisher may be going.



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