EJDAC Ep. 13: Voodoo-U


Lucky Episode 13! Recorded on 2/15/2015. Erik & James discuss one new book (Thor #5), one from last week (Ant-Man #2), one from two weeks ago (Deadpool #41 that was cut from Episode 11 due to an audio mishap), and the collection of a series from 5 years ago (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1-5). They really get into it about Thor… one loved it, one hated it. You can guess who fell on which side of that debate. Also, Erik breaks up with Savage Dragon, and our heroes cast comic book movies that will never be.

Super Hero Speak – #89: The New MC2

Is Marvel trying to copy the success of DC’s New 52 with their Secret Wars event this summer? Is Marvel trying to align the comic books with the movie universe? Is Marvel just really out of ideas so they are just rehashing some of their biggest events? Well this week Dave, Ben and John joined by 2 very special co-hosts, Frank Duran of Real Books Don’t Have Batman and Johnny Fournier of Sumptin – Sumptin, explore these very questions. We may not find the answers, but the journey is always fun, enjoy!


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#stumpthegeekspeak question from last week: Who is the fastest Flash?

Answer: Wally West

And the winner is Andrei Caloi! Congrats you are this week’s Honorary Beard of Knowledge!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Who was the first major character to die in the Marvel Ultimate Universe?

To answer post on our FB page or tweet @SuperHeroSpeak #stumpthegeekspeak. A winner will be announced on the next episode.c

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Wayne’s Comics #116 With Joshua Fialkov from Skyman

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Joshua Fialkov, Skyman, Marvel, Ultimate, The Bunker, Oni Press, JLA, Batman, Joshua Williamson, Dark Horse, Captain Midnight

I hope you’re already reading Skyman from Dark Horse and The Bunker, coming soon from Oni Press!

Creator Joshua Fialkov joins me for a fun interview about the projects above as well as his work for Marvel’s Ultimate line. You’ll learn a lot about all of his writing and what’s likely coming our way in the near future from him!

Then everything wraps up with a look at recent news, including a certain classic superhero show coming out on DVD this year and a direct-to-DVD animated feature arriving in Target that I hadn’t heard about! You might want to check it out if you also aren’t aware of it!

Be back next week for another great interview, among other things!


Two True Freaks! Episode 262 – Commentary Monthly Monday – Ultimate Avengers


Join the Freaks and COMIC COHORT Michael Bailey as they munch popcorn and Combos and talk all the way through ULTIMATE AVENGERS with their mouth’s full! Six years before Joss Whedon’s little sleeper film there was a cartoony smash ’em up with many of the same elements and the Freaks figured, “What the hell, let’s jump on the bandwagon!” Seeing how Chris had to read 13 GODDAM COMICS in the Ultimates series, we might as well make him watch the movie, too! And guess what? – INTERDIMENSIONAL NAZIS!



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Alternate Reality – Episode 258

Alternate Reality - Episode 258

Alternate Reality – Episode #258

Jon and Charlie seem to be at odd this week as they often disagree on the finer points of several issues, just who said what, who it was said to, why it was said, whether or not War Machine’s car/armor is a transformer, stuff like that. One thing they did agree on was that there was a crap load of books last week and they had a jam packed review session to cover them all. So sit back, strap in, and roll out!


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:16 – Intro Music
0:01:39 – Intro
0:06:49 – In Stock Trades Advertisement

0:07:50 – Comic Reviews
0:08:16 – Ultimate Avengers #3
0:18:05 – Blackest Night Titans #3
0:23:22 – Green Lantern #47
0:27:13 – Fantastic Four #572
0:31:34 – Superman Secret Origin #2
0:40:47 – Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #5

0:44:32 – Lightning Round
0:45:28 – Worlds Finest #1
0:49:30 – X-Factor #50
0:53:11 – New Avengers #58
0:58:26 – Gotham City Sirens #5
1:59:30 – Hulk #16
1:02:56 – Detective Comics #858

1:06:18 – Close
1:12:02 – Exit Music
1:13:50 – Audio Extra: Ustream Clip

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