Arc Reactions – 26 – Cataclysm

Dylan and John sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the end of the Ultimates universe…. or do they? Join us as we look at this story and discuss the events as well as possible fallout from the event.


Talking Points

Bad Things

Did X-Men story add anything to the narative? (31:23)

Inconsistencies (39:06)


Good Things

Miles unmasking in front of his dad (45:29)

Rogue becoming a super-mutant (48:39)

Final solution (53:12)


Other things

AIM trying to become Galactus’ herald to survive (1:01:46)

Ultimates Universe (1:04:44)


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Join us on September 28th for our next story Aguaman – Triton Saga from DC Comics.

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #169: Changing The Podcast Game in ’14… With Comic Book Reviews!

Episode #169

On this podcast we talk comics. A lot of comics. Detective Comics #27, Wolverine #13, Avengers World #1, All-New X-Factor #1 and Revolutionary War: Alpha #1. See? Then we talk some news. Listen in!


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ARP – S04 – Comics News

Dylan and John discuss the latest news from DC and Marvel comics. We have put this out as quickly as possible to get our take out there before the news becomes old.

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 ARP – S04 – Comics News.mp3


Talking Points


  •  Ben Affleck as Batman in Man of Steel 2
  • Marvel events surrounding shutting down the Ultimates universe
  •  JH Williams and W Haden Blackman step down from Batwoman citing editorial interference
  • DC solicits new artists to apply by drawing a page depicting Harley Quinn attempting suicide






Harley Quinn




Join us on  October 6th for Captain America – Winter Soldier.


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Breaking the 4th Wall – Episode 18

In loving memory of Tim Sharp, Forever 18.
This week we talk DC Cancellations, and discuss Constantine, Archer & Armstrong, Justice League of America, Thor God of Thunder, Harbinger, Deadpool, Uncanny Avengers, Suicide Squad, Avengers, Über, Storm Dogs, Chin Music, Twelve Reasons to Die, Batman, Star Wars, Bravest Warriors, and Hinges. We also talk about our favorite Marvel books, like Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Young Avengers, Indestructible Hulk, Hawkeye, Daredevil, FF, All New X-Men, Fearless Defenders, New Avengers, X-Factor, X-Men Legacy, Captain Marvel, and the Ultimate Universe
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F BombCast: 89: Comics? Yeah, We Like Comics

You want to know how tired TJ is? Just look at the title of the Episode in iTunes, it is misnamed, It was supposed to be Comics, Yeah we Like Comics, but Oh well, we talk like comics too.  After about 15-20 minutes of stories of his daughters fecal matter, His fathers selfish TV viewing, and Tales of touring with Phish, Kev and TJ break out the comic talk and it just never goes away. There are so many discussed that i will try to hit them all, We talk Hulk 23, Supergirl, 53, Superman 700, Detective 866, Titans Something, The Wolfman/Pérez Titans OGN coming out in september and a Shit load of the Ultimate books. If that is not enough comic talk for you then we also break out some comic news discussing Recent Castings as well as the new appointment of Jeph Loeb at marvel. Get out your geek hat, For Comics is the special of the day.

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Comic Book Pitt #45 – New Ultimate Avenging CBP!

underground 4

Listen to this episode

It seems like we have a love/hate relationship with the Ultimate Universe. You’ll have to listen to find out which titles fall into which category. Aside from that we talk about Batman and Robin, Underground and many other things.

Cover scans for the titles we talk about in this episode can be found here.

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F BombCast 64: In Pinkest Night

FBC Shirt3

Such a great episode that TJ Forgot to Number it in iTunes. Topics Discussed: Materials used in personal massagers, the art of fecal throwing, and the lost ability to randomly just start talking about episode from 80s TV shows. We also learn the situation with the Situation, and what type of douche bag strikes a guidette.With Mike away, TJ and Kev bust into comics talk galore. Comics Discussed: Shade the Changing Man Vol 1, DC Holiday Special, Madame Xanadu, Milligan’s run on X-Force and X-Static, Dark Avengers, and Realm of Kings. Then an indepth look at the Blackest Night event so far. Hope ya enjoy.

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