Wayne’s Comics #58 With Tommy Lee Edwards And Gregg Hurwitz

Excellent comics artist Tommy Lee Edwards is here, discussing The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator, an online comic you can read at brandongenerator.com! He talks with me about creating Turf with Jonathan Ross, and shares his views on digital comics, among other things! You’ll enjoy what he has to say during our interview!

Next I give a quick review of the latest books, followed by ’News & Previews’ with Gianluca Glazer. Then everything wraps up with my re-airing the interesting conversation I had a couple of months back with novelist Gregg Hurwitz, who now is writing Batman: The Dark Knight. He gives a lot of insight into his writing and what he hopes to accomplish on the DC title with artist David Finch.

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Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #16


Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny once again discuss three new number one issues! One is heavily influenced by J. Michael Straczynski, one is a master class in great comic book storytelling, and one is a pop culture referencing mess. Listen and find out what’s what!
[00:33] Intro
[02:06] America’s Got Powers #1
[15:07] Secret #1
[28:10] The Secret Service #1
[43:40] END
Intro Music: Built To Spill – “Sidewalk”

Exploring The Multiverse – Ep43 – Halloween Special

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Episode 43 is Exploring The Multiverse’s first Halloween Special. We mix it up with some talk about “Halloweenish” type books. Horror, vampires, monsters, etc. Then we have a little discussion about costumes.


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 144 (10/24/10)

Very good week to be a comic book fan! Pick Of The Week goes to Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards for Turf #3 (Image). Fast Five picks include Superman/Batman #77 (DC), The Walking Dead #78 (Image), Kick-Ass 2 #1 (Icon), Guarding The Globe #2 (Image), and Hulk #26 (Marvel).

Also, big announcement at the end regarding the Long Beach Comic Con!

Burnt Weiners Episode 022 Turf #1

The Weiners check out Turf #1 and are caught in a crossifre of many words and genres! Travis gets slapped by Bo for not being able to count jellybeans. John is excited for X-Men Second Coming and Atomic Robo, Travis gushes a bit about Sherlock Holmes and The Fourth Kind, Bo continues on his Trek while everyone talks like Worf and even a bit like Arnie, the talk moves to Hackmaster and Fudge, and Weed checked out some Anime kids. More talk about the awesome artwork of Eric Gapstur and the upcoming awesomeness of C2E2!

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 121 (4/11/10)

In this Fast Five episode, I talk about Deadpool Corps #1 (Marvel), DEMO 2 #3 (Vertigo), Turf #1 (Image), Jonah Hex #54 (DC), and S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (Marvel).

Pretty tame week, but still enjoyable!