Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #27 – This Allegheny Life

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #27 right now:

Hank 300 and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Nick’s selfie that he took at 8:55 into the episode.

In light of the AudioShocker’s impending retirement, the kids at the Allegheny Teen Center have brainstormed a list of questions about art, comics, life, and other stuff. AND WE ANSWER THEM!

We debate… message boards vs. tumblr!

The teens ask:

  • Do you have any pop cultural phases that you totally regret?
  • What are we missing out on by only reading comics collected in trades?
  • Coloring books versus paint-by-numbers?
  • If someone has an idea for a webcomic, can they make it up as they go along or do they need to write it all out first?

Also, we ask the teens some questions! Why do they like stupid stuff? What’s the deal with Adventure Time? And many more.

Plus, we briefly the discuss the new audit Teen Center is undergoing in light of some troubling events that have occurred recently. And of course, after the end theme we name the Teen of the Week.

Next Episode:
Our final Battle Angel Alita podcast! Strap on your reading caps for vols 7-9.

RBDHB: Alison Wilgus Interview

Real Books Don’t Have Batman’s interview with Alison Wilgus from MICE. We talk Cats, Interactive web comics, & SPACE.

Find video version of this interview here –

Audio Only version here – 

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tumblr_mtqnde2Yr41qazog6o1_1280 btman 5

Man of Steel, Xbox One and Kayne West’s and Stedman’s new hip hop collaboration

UFP logo




We still haven’t caught Kony yet, but THAT doesn’t mean we can’t soothe you with our golden barbershop voices!

Onward with the bollocks!


G Money’s impression of Anthony Mason and other unknown people

UFP is COMING TO SUPANOVA (Perth) legitimately!

Fave album/fave movie combo!

UFP Crew questions!

–          Going back in time: Ghost Mode

–          Best comic book movie adaptations

Miguel proves that black guys can’t necessarily jump either

Everyone in Australia has seen a paedophile dance on TV (that wasn’t Rolf Harris)

It all turns into an ouroboros of vomit and shit

Kevin Durant and Ricky Gervais ACTAULLY doing something about the Oklahoma tornado

Kayne West’s new album “Yeezus” and it’s grandiose release

Kayne West and Stedman’s “spiritual union”

Yahoo buys Tumblr and we all laugh at the sad blogger pricks


NERD NEWS @ 1hr and 4 mins


New Man of Steel trailer

Arkham Origins trailer

Almost Human starring Karl Urban

New The Lone Ranger trailer

The Rock puts his testosterone fuelled hat in the ring to play Luke Cage

Dazzler joins S.H.I.E.L.D. (and should date Booster Gold but that will never happen!)

Xbox One announced to mixed reviews and a losers bouquet of crappy release titles!

C Bomb vents his spleen about “PC Gamers”