Wayne’s Comics Podcast #219 With Kalman Andrasofszky From Captain Canuck


If you’re into superheroes from around the world, this week’s episode will be one you’ll want to listen to! Kalman Andrasofszky from Captain Canuck is here, and he discusses who this hero is and his connection to him as well as updating him for today’s readers. He also talks about the growing Canuck universe along with the animated episodes he’s working on! Oh, and he tells us just what a “canuck” is, too, so don’t miss it! For more information, go to this website!


Where Monsters Dwell 269 with Tom Fowler

WMD 269

This week on the only LIVE comics radio program that is running the Comics Panels at Hal-Con 2013, we welcome Tom Fowler back to the Monster Cave. You’ve seen Tom’s work on True Patriot (soon to have a second volume released) as well as Quantum & Woody from Valiant. He joins us to chat about all this as well as his hopes and dreams for Hal-Con (of which he will be a guest). If you have a question for Tom Fowler, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

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