Comic News Insider Episode 784 – SDCC Recap: Clare Kramer/Lights/Shannon Wheeler/Dr. Andrea Letamendi!

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Jimmy has tamed the beast that was San Diego Comic Con and survived to tell the tales! Here, you’ll hear his recap of the show. Just a few fun tidbits of what went down, people he met, celebs he saw, elbows he rubbed, parties, roundtable sessions, interviews, awesome press rooms, hotels, outside of Comic Con, and all of the madness! He mostly did press rooms but managed to get some 1:1 interviews as well. He chatted with the Clare Kramer (“Glory” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) about her new documentary that she directed called Joyrider. He also talked to pop star Lights about her upcoming album Skin & Earth and the comic book mini-series she created/wrote/drew/colored/lettered/etc. that coincides with it. On the last day of the con, he conversed with Shannon Wheeler about his new book Sh*t My President Says as well as his past work. And finally, Jimmy had his annual therapy session interview with clinical psychologist pal Dr. Andrea Letamendi discussing superheroes, Star Wars, and real life issues.

Starting next week and the following few weeks after, there will be no regular format shows. Only SDCC press room specials. Jimmy needs that long just to recover from all of the craziness that is Comic Con International. You will hear roundtables for Inhumans, Wynonna Earp, Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow, Batman and Harley Quinn, Dirk Gently, Supergirl, Dark Matter, Battlestar Galactica reunion, Gotham, iZombie, Justice League Action, Lucifer and Teen Titans Go! He missed some rooms that he wanted to cover but boy howdy did he still cover a lot!

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Comics Alternative, Episode 226: The February Previews Catalog

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It’s that time of the month, and on this week’s regular episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at the February Previews catalog. Before they do that, though, they update everyone on current comics news and podcast updates, as well as share listener mail. Then they get into the current Previews catalog, highlighting a variety of upcoming titles from both large and small publishers alike. Among the upcoming comics they discuss are offerings from:


Comics Alternative Interviews: Shannon Wheeler

God and Coffee

ShannonWheelerThe guys are back with another great guest for The Comics Alternative Interviews.  This time, Gene and Derek talk with Shannon Wheeler, the creator of Too Much Coffee Man (Dark Horse Comics) and last year’s Astounding Villain House (Dark Horse Comics), as well as the illustrator of God Is Disappointed in You (Top Shelf). The conversation gets going by jumping into the Bible and how both Shannon and Mark Russell re-present the Old and New Testaments — and with strict fidelity of content — with a humorous yet straightforward manner in God Is Disappointed in You. Sure to be loved by atheists and Judeo-Christians alike! The Two Guys with PhDs also ask Shannon about his cartooning for The New Yorker, his penchant for clowns and death, the fine art of one-panel gags, and how his New Yorker rejects find new life in the collections I Thought You Would Be Funner and I Don’t Get It (BOOM! Town). They also talk with him about his work at Dark Horse, specifically Astounding Villain House, learning that Shannon has bigger long-range plans for that series. Oh, and there’s that Portlandia thing, too. There’s a lot of laughing in this episode, probably at least as much as you’ll experience when reading Shannon’s books. So join the fun and listen to the Two Guys’ conversation with a creator whose name is synonymous with the caffeine jitters!

Interview Image - Wheeler