Comic Book Central #245: Cincinnati Comic Expo Part One with Cary Elwes

My adventure at the Cincinnati Comic Expo begins with special guests – voiceover artists Michael Bell & Mary McDonald-Lewis, Superman artist Tom Grummett, and Arrow’s Manu Bennett! Plus – you say you want to hear from the star of The Princess Bride? As you wish. It’s my Q&A with Cary Elwes!
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Arc Reactions – 78 – Denver Comic Con 2017 Recap

Dylan and John were invited to Denver Comic Con as media for the 4th year in a row. We got 9 interviews with comics creators that we will share with you as well as recap the other things we did at the show.

Show notes

Interview 1 – Larry Hamma  (3:04)

Interview 2 – Alitha Martinez (13:17)

Interview 3 – Bob McLeod (35:38)

Interview 4 – Tom Grummett (49:59)

Interview 5 – Bob Wiacek (1:06:42)

Interview 6 – Chad Hardin (1:21:10)

Interview 7 – Andy Mangels (1:36:27)

Interview 8 – Jeremy Whitley (1:51:47)

Interview 9 – James LeCroix (1:57:49)

As Mentioned


Pictures from world record attempt

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Radio Free Asgard 198


This week we first delve into Norse lore with “The Lay of Thrym”… I will tell you one thing, Thrym does NOT get laid! Then, we look at Part Zeroth of “The Eighth Day” as we cover the 2nd story in Iron Man #21 from 1999!

Two True Freaks! Classic – Political Season Special #1

This episode is a rerun that originally aired October 6th, 2008.


Hail to the Chiefs, Baby!

In this episode, The Freaks discuss the presidencies of Captain America and Superman. They also discuss the first black president and a female vice-president, but not in the way you’re thinking! Plus some patriotic words from “One Called Kirk”.


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