Comic Book Central #241: TerrifiCon Part Four: Animation Voiceover Q&A

Over half a century of voiceover talent on one stage! It’s the EXCLUSIVE TerrifiCon Voiceover Q&A with Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Larry Kenney (Lion-O), Rafael Ferrer (Darth Malak), Charlie Schlatter (The Flash), and Paul Soles (Spider-Man)! Wallopin’ websnappers & waffles!
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Comic Frontline Live #131: Poops & Giggles (Blame Mike Spider-Slayer)


Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it!

This week the crew are down by one and discuss: The Inhumans get Royal! Legends time jump to a new night! The GLC joins Justice League! Justice League Action arrives! The Wild Storm is coming!

Plus Worst Pick, and The Top 5 comics of this week, Most Anticipated 3 comics for next week, let your voice be heard in our weekly poll and more!

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Video version of this episode:

Super Hero Speak – #169: Bob Camp

This week the guys are joined by the one and only Bob Camp. Bob has been a part of many peoples childhoods having worked on such titles as Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters, The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil, and of course he is best known for Ren and Stimpy! Bob tells us all about how he got start as a cartoonist and shares some fun stories about his time on Ren and Stimpy. Including tricks they used to get jokes by the censors! So sit back and enjoy our chat with Bob Camp!169-bcamp

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Bonus! Bob’s Book of the Month recommendation:51KuAa71Q8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

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Sidekickcast Episode #62 – The Hellfire Youth Club

Sidekickcast Episode #62 - The Hellfire Youth ClubJoin your hosts, Gavin and Dan for this Christmas special of the Sidekickcast as they delve deep into the world of comic books. In the news this week there’s Age of Apocalypse, G I Joe Retribution, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers vs X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Reviewed in Stack Attack:

Avenging Spider-Man #2 (Zeb Welles, Joe Madureira)
Wolverine and the X-Men #2 (Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo)
Avengers: X-Sanction #1 (Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness)
Stitched #1 (Garth Ennis, Mike Wolfer)

In the comic book news quiz with a twist, Secrets and Lies, Dan needs to make up so ground before Gavin becomes nothing but a bad memory. As part of the #youdecide event, you the audience have decided the Sidekicks should try out the new segment, Saturday Morning Cartoons, this week; Young Justice. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual brand of jovial out-takes.

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 130 – Comic Train Of Thought

The Backroom team discuss a wide range of topics including: Terminator vs. RoboCop, The Crow, Thundercats, Comic Con and Voltron.

Questions? Comments? Stop by The Backroom website.

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V for Vertigo, Episode 114: Easy Peasy

I stop myself from going on one rant by covering the new and surprisingly good, Thundercats show. Then I spend a few minutes going over my excellent, but out of print goody—Spawn Origins Deluxe Vol. 1.

Unfortunately, I must eventually move on to Fables: War & Pieces (Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham). It’s the most anti-climatic ending to the war with the Adversary, and the easiest war ever.

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Comic News Insider: Episode 349 – More SDCC w/ Jason Momoa (Conan), Saul Rubinek (Warehouse 13), Candace Bailey/Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show), Joyce Brabner & Elfquest cast!

Comic News Insider: Episode 349 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  The Amazing Spider-Man #666, The Cape #1, The Red Wing #1, Thundercats TV show, Captain America: The First Avenger film

More San Diego Comic-Con madness! Jimmy flies solo so he can get all of the great coverage out to you as quickly as possible! He gets in a question at the Jason Momoa (Conan, Game of Thrones) press conference and sits down with Saul Rubinek (Warehouse 13), Candace Bailey/Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show), Elfquest cast and Joyce Brabner. News highlights include: Frank Darabont steps down as showrunner of The Walking Dead, images of Batman/Bane fight from Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. pushes back Man of Steel release date, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s new comic, DC wants to hire more women, George Lucas loses Stormtrooper rights in UK, court rules in favor of Marvel against Kirby, IDW will publish Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes mash up, Marvel will publish “Season 1” comics, Vertigo to publish Fables spinoff, Brian K. Vaughan returns to comics, and Tony Lee & Becky Cloonan will bring you a Macgyver comic! As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider Episode 324 – WonderConning!

Comic News Insider: Episode 324 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  Captain America and the Secret Avengers One-Shot, Dollhouse: Epitaphs One-Shot, Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman #1

Jon hoche recording 324

Yet another new sound this week! Jimmy is joined by Jon Hoche (back by popular demand) in the maybe new CNI studio known as Jimmy’s apartment. And Jon recorded the show on his computer and will edit via Garage Band. Woo hoo! Next week we’ll record through a megaphone! CNI west coast correspondent Maria Bernal-Silva attended WonderCon in her hometown of San Francisco and has a recap and an interview with Ben McCool and Nate Cosby. The boys talk about the Green Lantern extended trailer, the Thundercats trailer, a big thank you rap to last week’s co-hosts Grace and Michelle, Paul Pope and Frank Miller on the Spider-Man musical and the current Vampire Cowboys show The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G. Lots of WonderCon news including: DC comics goes retro, Family Guy coming to comics, IDW reprints Thor and brings back TMNTThe Governator is back, Dark Horse brings the Whedon & the return of the real Captain America(Steve Rogers).  Listener feedback and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!


Comic Tube Episode 67: Movie/TV News


Leroy Vikkii and John officially start off 2011 with some Movie and Television News.

Ever wanted to see an angry Vikkii going on a huge rant? FIND OUT ON THIS EXCITING EPISODE OF COMIC TUBE! No really, its hilarious.

0:00 – Disclaimer/ Pre-Intro / Intro
12:28 – Looney Tunes 2011 TV Show
19:26 – Henry Cavill is the new Man of Steel
35:59 – Selina Kyle and Bane are confirmed for Batman 3
52:09 – Marvel Studios Reacquires Daredevil Movie Rights
54:03 – NBC has the rights to a Wonder Woman TV Show with McG at the Helm
1:11:03 – Cartoon Network is going to release a new Thundercats Series.
1:15:31 – Cybermen to Return in Series 6 of Doctor Who with a possible Redesign.

Show Notes;
Leroy’s Twitter – @ZiggoTheAlien
Vikkii’s Twitter – @MissVanCartier
Forums –

Sidekickcast Episode #48 – StormTrooper Sex Games

Sidekickcast Episode #48 - StormTrooper Sex Games

Join the Sidekicks Gavin and Dan as they trip through another 80’s cartoon discussion, Star Wars 3D, Wednesday comic deliveries, London MCM Expo, Thought Bubble and Idris Elba.

For review this Stack Attack we have CLiNT #2, Avengers #5, Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice #1, X-23 #1, Nemesis #2-3 and CBGB OMFUG #1-2.

Secrets and Lies this week is brought to you by misdirection and subterfuge, he never saw it coming! Dan continues with his latest Knowing Me, Knowing You selection with Scott Pilgrim vol.2. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the now world famous* Sidekickcast out-takes.

*Not true in the slightest