Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #169: Changing The Podcast Game in ’14… With Comic Book Reviews!

Episode #169

On this podcast we talk comics. A lot of comics. Detective Comics #27, Wolverine #13, Avengers World #1, All-New X-Factor #1 and Revolutionary War: Alpha #1. See? Then we talk some news. Listen in!


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Radio Free Asgard 128


Happy Thors-giving!! Yes, we have a show! Not only that, but it contains talk of Dr. Who, the absence of Balder in Thor 2, and we talk about Thor: Crown of Fools as well!

VACANT Bits #26 – Thor Too

Listen to VACANT Bits #26 right now:

Heather Nunnelly and Michelle Nunnelly

Show Notes:
We start off by answering more questions from LoudlySilent, who asks:

  1. Rihanna and Drake recently spent $17,000 at a strip club. What would you do with an extra 17k?
  2. What’s your favorite mindfuck movie? Examples: Memento, Inception, Donnie Darko, etc.

To send us a topic or ask a question, please e-mail them to ImagineTheEnding @ (wihout the spaces).

Then we talk about Thor: The Dark World. Agreeing that Thor 2 was a fun movie, we go over minor inconsistencies that take place in Thor and Loki’s relationship.

Michelle commends the movie for leaning more towards comedy than the first film and avoiding “taking itself too seriously,” as a woman at the movie theater said loudly while waiting in the line for the ladies room.

Despite Jane having far too much camera time and constantly passing out, Thor 2 is a good family film that won’t waste your money.

At 42:00, we suddenly remember that VACANT Bits is supposed to be about the VACANT comic series!

We discuss the VACANT hiatus, how Heather works hard to avoid the heavy-handed symbolism styles of Shutter Island and Hannibal, and we ponder why people always assume VACANT is going to delve into the past and reveal some juicy secrets about the characters.

W.I.P. # 227 – Thor Battles

On this episode: Picks of the week, Thor 2 reviewed and I discuss the best Thor battles from the comics.

EMP: Episode 68 Thor the Dark World Movie Review pt 1

Tune In!
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This episode is PART 1 of our Thor the Dark World movie discussion crossover so be sure you download part two at! And after the movie talk we jump into recent TV announcements from Marvel and DC!


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Where Monsters Dwell 270 with Jonathan Case

WMD 270

This week on the most con-recovering LIVE comics radio program just fresh out of Hal-Con 2013, we welcome comic artist Jonathan Case to the Monster Cave. Jonathan has been hard at work on his pages for the digital first DC comic ‘Batman ’66’. He joins us to chat about this as well as his efforts to raise money for SARC (The Sexual Assault Resource Center).

At the top of the show, we’ll do our best to fit in our Hal-Con 2013 review as well as give you our thoughts on Thor: The Dark World.

If you have a question for Jonathan Case or a story to tell about Hal-Con 2013, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

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RBDHB: Thor 2 The Dark World Review

Phase 2 continues with war between the realms, old legends resurfacing and a battalion of Dark Elves challenging the God of Thunder in Thor: The Dark World. Here’s our review (because we like you a lot).

thor-the-dark-world-poster1 btman 5

Comic Timing – Extra Point #5


It’s a Comic Timing Extra Point! Ian is in Japan, Brent is back home, so you get a little something extra!

Brent joins Ian this time for a short segment on Marvel’s Netflix deal, comic book movies, the digital age, and Ian’s first impressions of Thor: The Dark World (no spoilers!).

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! For those of you who have not used DCBS before you can save an additional 8% off your first order via the promo code: CT8. Plus, be sure to check out DCBS‘ new Comixology digital store!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 173: Movie Talk: Thor: The Dark World

CBS Logo
This week I will be reviewing Thor: The Dark World and I will talk about the series it was based on. Also I will discuss where I would like to see the franchise go from here in future movies. Enjoy!

Pop Media Savant Episode 98: Movie Talk: Catching Up On My Movies

Pop Media Savant Logo
This week it is all about movies I have dedicated the episode to movies reviews. I continue to work through my ever growing stack of unwatched movies to bring you review and recommendations of the following movies Thor: The Dark World, Gravity, Olympus Has Fallen, Now You See Me, and The Heat. Enjoy!

Comic News Insider Episode 510 – Pod(cast) of Thunder!

Comic News Insider: Episode 510 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Alex + Ada #1, Amazing X-Men Vol 2 #1, Drumhellar #1, Painkiller Jane:Price Of Freedom #1, Protectors Inc #1, Thor: The Dark World

Erica Schultz returns to rekindle the podcast marriage. Jimmy discusses a screening he saw of an upcoming kick ass Zoe Bell film called RAZE, they mention a few of the various comic cons still happening this late in the game and come up with one of their own (JimmyCon!). Jimmy also gives mad love to the ABC show The Neighbors especially star Toks Olagundoye. News includes: Disney’s Marvel teams up with Netflix, Star Wars VII gets a release date, iZombie nexts comic to be TV adapted, Cinemax lands U.S. rights to Kirkman’s Outcast,  Neil Gaiman writes e-book for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, and the son of a Doctor Who writer claims he owns rights to the TARDIS. As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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Super Hero Speak – #28: Marvelous Men

In this episode Ben, Dave and John sit down and talk about all things Marvel that have been in the news lately. Including the trailers for Winter Solider and Days of Future Past. Also the guys talk about the possible up coming Thor tie in into  Agents of SHIELD. And Finally they touch on some time travel topics. So sit back enjoy and here we go!


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Days of Future Past preview:

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Thor The Dark World review, Beetlejuice 2 and Halloween Havoc!



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Radio Free Asgard 124



This week we look at issue #2 of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Prelude as we prepare for the imminent release Thor 2! It’s the Cheeziest! ™

Radio Free Asgard 123


With Thor 2 opening just a few weeks from now, this week we veer off into the Marvel movie-verse as we look at Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Prelude #1!