Radio Free Asgard 249


This week we complete our coverage of Journey Into Mystery #102 from 1964…er…wait…no, it’s Thor: Son of Asgard #12 from 2005, but who can tell the difference? 😉 With Thor finally able to lift Mjolnir, he’s off to Hel to confront the EEEEEVIL Hela, and rescue the Lady Sif!

Radio Free Asgard 248


This week we cover the penultimate chapter of Thor: Son of Asgard, issue #11! Now that Thor is wielding the mighty Mjolnir, what happens next? It’s an all action issue in the mighty Marvel manner, as the Odinson heads to Jotunheim to challenge King Rugga!

Radio Free Asgard 247


It’s a departure from the soap opera, and a return to a more action-packed storyline here in Thor: Son of Asgard #10! Thor asks advice from a horse, there’s giant giants, Norns, and more, in part one of “Worthy”! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 246


This week we wrap up our soap opera story arc with Thor: Son of Asgard 90210 #9! Along with the gratuitous T&A, silly theatrics, and random hair changes, we get a cameo from Frigga! Ok, not the most action-packed issue, but listen anyway!

Radio Free Asgard 245


It’s soap opera time as we cover Thor: Son of Asgard #8! Teen drama and angst abound as Amora, the Enchantress hatches a cunning plan, with the help of the eeeevil Loki!

Radio Free Asgard 244


We continue with our exploration of Thor: Son of Asgard #7! The finest Asgardian-teen-drama-soap-opera-romance-adventure-angst comic of 2004!

This week: Sif is having an identity crisis! Frigga worries! Kid Volstagg shows up! In the shadows, Amora and Loki are up to no good! And Thor is kind of a yutz.

Radio Free Asgard 242


This week we wrap up the first Thor: Son of Asgard trade with issue #6! It’s a knock-down drag-out fight between Odin and… Karnilla? In addition to gratutitous cleavage, we get the conclusion of Thor’s quest! Seeya there!

Radio Free Asgard 239


This week it’s another exciting episode covering Thor: Son of Asgard, as we discuss issue #3! It’s a cold day in Jotunheim as our three young heroes walk through snow, and fight ice pixie elementals! Is this the work of the eeevil Loki, or is it the work of someone even more sinister…? Guess you’ll just have to listen to find out!


Radio Free Asgard 238


This week we head into the literal dragon’s den (really, it’s a literary dragon!), as Thor, Balder, and Sif fight the dragon Hakurel in Thor: Son of Asgard #2! Who gets hit over the head harder, the dragon or us? Find out in the show! Plus, Sif murders a tree!

Radio Free Asgard 237


This week we’re shifting gears, and looking at the first issue of Thor: Son of Asgard! It’s Thor…as a kid! Along with pigeon gods, giant spiders, and some truly ugly buildings, we follow Thor, Sif, and Balder on some early adventures! Woot!