Super Hero Speak – #306: Let’s Talk Movies

This week the guys discuss their favorite movies and what movies they think are over/underrated. They also discuss the latest marvel and DC news like Jon Favreau wants to direct another Marvel Movie and what did they Think of the Watchmen trailer? Plus they include an interview with comic book writer David Pepose. All this and much more, enjoy!

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Super Hero Speak – #200: The Last Ragnarok

We know only one truth… the MCU keeps getting lighter as the DCEU delves farther into the dark side! This week the guys talk about the Last Jedi trailer along with the Thor Ragnarok trailer. Plus DC is going to put out R-rated animated features? All this and more, so sit back and enjoy!

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The Grawlix Podcast #30: Jedi Pimp

Grawlix Podcast Logo CPN

On this episode of The Grawlix Podcast the G-Crew put forth their most negative review ever! They discuss this month’s Poll List pick, Star Wars: Dark Empire I from Dark Horse. They also bid farewell to the Dead Air segment with a final review of the harrowing The Walking Dead Vol. 8: Made To Suffer. It’s not all doom and gloom for our comic talk trio as they announce the launch of the Grawlix Podcast Patreon! This and, as always, SO MUCH MORE.

Show Notes and Links

00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:02:39 – Vince Dorse’s Untold Tales of Bigfoot Kickstarter Funded
00:08:48 – Contact us at letters (at) or leave a voice mail at (559) 426-6427.
00:15:49 – The Grawlix Podcast Patreon Announcement
00:30:47 – New Shows on Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network, Canadians, Supervillain Mel
00:43:49 – Next Month’s Pick: Crisis On Infinite Earths
00:51:40 – Star Wars: Dark Empire I
01:39:08 – What’s Replacing Dead Air?
01:42:37 – The Walking Dead Vol. 8: Made To Suffer
02:07:12 – Watchmen book, Watchmen movie, Zack Snydering
02:36:50 – Superman #1, Action Comics, and more Rebirth
02:41:32 – Everyone’s A Wrestling Fan, Video Game Randomness, Wrap-up
02:54:05 – Outro

Additional Links Mentioned
Grawlix Podcast on Patreon
The Mockers Podcast
Movie Madhouse Podcast
Book Vs. Movie Podcast (Joined EMC after we recorded this.)
Sega Master System

The Grawlix Podcast Links

300 Rise on an Empire movie review, The Oscars 2014 and 50 Cent’s love triangle with Diddy and Rick Ross



It’s a deal, it’s a steal, the sale of the freakin’ century…. Not really. It’s actually a podcast! Let’s have a listen….


Wildfire Radio, we’re part of it, so get on it!

C Bomb’s Birthday

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Channel 10, will they ever learn! Secrets and Lies is a colossal flop!

All the news, rants and rave about the Oscars 2014

–          Ellen’s “epic” selfie

–          Leo misses out again

–          People who didn’t deserve their Oscars

–          Woody Allen: Pedo or not?

–          Razzie winners



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

–          LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, have we seen it?

–          Bates Motel and Hannibal Season 2, are we watching?

–          Making “The Runaways” into a Marvel movie franchise

–          Making a change from the Batman games

–          Zack Snyder saving “The Watchmen” movie



The Dalai Lama can piss off!

Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE empire, sharts himself as part of a “joke”

50 Cent perpetuates a fake ‘gangsta rap’ feud




NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1 hour 35mins)

–          Transformers Age of Extiction trailer

–          New Batman Arkham Knight game

–          Fantastic Four reboot director confirms the new film will be a pleasant departure from the “original” Fantastic Four movies

–          Anchorman 3 WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

–          Second half season 2 Arrow trailer

–          First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash in the new series

Comic reivews

–          Revenge #1: 2.5/5

–          Deadly Class #2: 5/5


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