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Reviews: Justice League Vol 2 #1, Rinse #1, Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1

Ben Templesmith, Jimmy’s NEW roommate, sits in the guest co-host chair this episode. Now that they are shacking up, expect him to pop in here and there. You know, when he’s not busy being a professional cartoonist. The boys are all moved in but still have lots of unpacking to do. Still time to read comics and podcast though! News includes: WonderCon moves to Anaheim, The Walking Dead splits Season 2 in two, AMC greenlights Kevin Smith reality show, IDW to publish Magic the Gathering comic and SPX collaborates with the Library of Congress. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 088 Vescell #1 – Wormwood #6 – The Rinse #1

Once again Corey has to show up because someone else had to ditch out (and by podcasting law, we can’t do the show with less than three people, and all the comics have to be blessed by a Rabbi!). We talk comics, grossness and the BBC show “Misfits”

Intro & Outro Music:
“Horsefeathers” by Bo

0:00:44 – Intro’s, Dirty Shoes and Bleach
0:05:40 – Flashpoint #5/Justice League #1 (DC)
0:17:11 – Wormwood The Last Battle #5 (Avatar Press)
0:24:45 – Vescell #1 (Image)
0:29:50 – Journey Into Mystery #626 (Marvel)
0:36:28 – The Rinse #1 (Boom)
0:39:50 – Amazing Spider-Man #668 (Marvel)
0:42:30 – Deadpool Max #11 (Marvel)
0:44:41 – The Sixth Gun #14 (Oni Press)
0:49:30 – Misfits Season 1 & 2 (BBC)
0:52:50 – More Goblins, Blabbing and Outro

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