The Grawlix Podcast #51: Nihilistic Lion King

The G-Crew discusses colorful YouTube comments and this month’s Poll List pick, Bride of Baghdad. It’s like adult Lion King… but bleaker! Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:01:37 – Pop Culture Role Call Theme Song
00:05:39 – Contact Us and… what?
00:11:36 – Next Pick: Invincible Vol. 1 – 3
00:16:41 –  Pride of Baghdad
00:50:43 – Letters Page
01:01:34 – Outro

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Pop Culture Role Call
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The Grawlix Podcast #41 on YouTube

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Brian K. Vaughan

BKV Is in the House

BKVThe guys are pleased to have on their podcast the great Brian K. Vaughan. And for this conversation, Derek and Andy K. are joined by Andy Wolverton, who actually secured this interview for the show through his library connections. The guys begin by asking Brian about his thematic ambitions in Saga, and the discussion evolves from there. Over the course of their conversation, they ask their guest about the origins of the award-winning series, his melding of the sci-fi and fantasy genres, the challenges of juggling more than one ongoing title at a time, the stories behind the artists he chooses to work with, the pay-what-you-will philosophy behind The Private Eye, the future of Panel Syndicate, his loyal (and enthusiastic) fan base, the ever-evolving nature of comic conventions, and (as much as Brian can reveal) his new series that were recently announced at the Image Expo. Along the way they discuss not only his current titles, but also Brian’s ever-popular Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Swamp Thing, The Runaways, and The Pride of Baghdad. This is an exciting interview for the guys, and it’s a sign of the many great guests they will have on The Comics Alternative in the coming year.


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