The Lost Comic Timing Episode – Batman: Under the Red Hood



Gather round, as we go back in time to August 18, 2010. Yup, exactly six years ago to the day. Before Avengers was a movie, before The New 52, before Brent was married, and before Ian owned a smartphone. In this never before released episode, Juan de Jesus returns from a long hiatus, which is now even longer, to join Brent and Ian to review the Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie, followed by some thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and why it flopped at the box office. Time flies when you completely forget an episode exists! But this is classic Comic Timing goodness, that’s for sure. Dig in, and reminisce on days gone by.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 127 – Breaking Down Batman

The Backroom team start with “first things first,” discuss lesser known comic movies in honor of Cowboys & Aliens, and give a clinical analysis of Batman.

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The Next Issue 49: 2010, a look back

The Next Issue Podcast

In this double sized issue, the guys look back on 2010 and everything that went on in geekdom.

We start off by reviewing Tron: Legacy, new games for the iPad, net neutrality, as well as some of the best in gaming, movies, and technology.

Join us as we look back at some of the highs and lows of this year and as we discuss upcoming trends of 2011

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Sidekickcast Epsiode #42 – The Legend Lives On and Comes Back Through Time

Sidekickcast Epsiode #42 - The Legend Lives On and Comes Back Through Time

It’s back to the Danger Room for the SidekickCast with regular hosts Gavin and Dan who are once again joined by Sidkick X-traordinaire; X-Centric Ned. This week we take a look at the Cap and Thor costumes, talk some McAvoy Xavier and review The Losers movie.

In Stack Attack the Sidekicks review Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2, avengers #1, Secret Avengers #1, Dexter’s Half Dozen #4, Stealth #1 and for Second Coming: New Mutants #13, X-Men: Legacy #236 and X-Force #27.

After the triumphant first live Secrets and Lies last episode can Dan claw a point back when he hasn’t got a room full of comic geeks on his team? Bendis’ Powers vol.1 is the choice for Knowing Me, Knowing You and if you liked the sound of Dexter’s Half Dozen why not check out the ashcans all free-like by going here and here. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for out-take goodness.

Burnt Weiners Episode 024 Deadpool #22

The “Merc With A Mouth” storms his way onto the Burnt Weiners Podcast! Guns ablazing! White Lightening a flowing! The guys then move on to talk about The Losers and Kick-Ass movies, Free Comic Book Day, Dragon Age Origins, World of Warcraft (Wildstorm), The Wheel of Time (Dynamie Entertainment), the newly released Thor movie picture, Brett Michaels, Stuff of Legend, Atomic Robo, Marvel’s upcoming event Shadowland, and even find time to talk about Louis CK!

As always, stick around after the end of the show for some outtakes from the show!

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W.I.P. # 67 – Pop! 77

on this episode:
-picks of the week
-the losers movie review
-free comic day preview
-pop! 77
-one to watch
-scot’s corner “chew and rasl”

AudioShocker Podcast #125

The Haunt creation process. Comic book movie casting including The Losers, Kick-Ass, and Iron Man 2. How to Train Your Dragon. And the Machete release date.

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AudioShocker Podcast

Sidekickcast Episode #24 – Second Time’s a Charm

Almost the podcast that never was, the Sidekicks Gavin (the Boneman) and Dan (Marshall Law) strike back against Loki the God of Techno-mischief by recording this episode not once but twice. You know what they say ‘Second Time’s a Charm’ and Godzilla, Playboy and Wolverine’s family tree help prove these are wise words.

In the review-a-thon that is Stack Attack we cover Invincible Iron Man #16, Halo: Helljumper #1, Blackest Night #2, Justic League Cry for Justice #2, Chew #2, Absolution #1 and The Marvel’s Project #1.

The comic book news gameshow should be a complete bust this week due to the double recording but it’s never that simple with Secrets and Lies. Dan got Superman: Last Son of Earth whilst Gavin got The Losers volume 1 in a pretty kick ass edition of Knowing Me, Knowing You, surely they’ll both love each other’s choice? I Luv Halloween from TokyoPop get’s the Dig That! treament in the Sidekick’s efforts to better themselves through their listener’s recommendations. Keep on trucking past the outro music to hear the sidekick cock ups and outtakes.