The Next Issue 66: The New York Comic Con Wrap up

Mike and Aitch are back and recovering from the 2011 NYCC. Right after the intro, Mike has interviews with Kurtis Wiebe of Green Wake and The Intrepids, David Hine of Bulletproof Coffin and The Kirby Museum ( After that, they spend the show discussing their experiences with the show. Special mentions goes out to Grayhaven Comics and their anthology The Gathering, Enrica Jang (Azteca) and her work on the Poe Twisted anthology. Image Comics’ The Pro, Marksman, Samruai’s Blood and Extreme. We also briefly discuss our iOS update experience and also discuss our pull lists. If you missed the show and want to see what you missed go to!/groups/167476376654249/

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More to come during the week. Stay tuned!!!