Comics Alternative Interviews: Jordan Crane

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“Read with a hairdryer”


On this episode of the interview series, Derek is excited to talk with Jordan Crane. The latest installment of Jordan’s series, Uptight, was released by Fantagraphics earlier this year, and the two begin by discussing its contents and how issue #5 is notably different from the previous ones. First off, this is a much longer issue than usual, and Jordan explains that since it’s been three and a half years since issue #4, he felt the need to include more material in this latest Crane-Studiorelease. In fact, there are four stories, or segments of stories, that compose Uptight #5, one of the most significant being an update of Jordan’s serialized narrative, “Keeping Two.” They spend a good deal time discussing this project and the various ways in which Jordan represents consciousness through visual means. Derek also asks his guest about the somber nature of the stories “Wake Up” and “The Dark Nothing.” Jordan admits that while some of his previous work has a similarly dark tone, there’s something about this latest issue of Uptight that underscores this mood. But the two also talk about more upbeat storylines, such as the ongoing adventures of Simon and his cat, Jack — given full treatment in Jordan’s 2005 book, The Clouds Above — and his other comics, such as the Keep Our Secrets and the Xeric Award-winning Col-Dee. Derek also asks Jordan about his time orchestrating the anthology NON, and how the efforts on his website What Things Do currently scratch any editorial itches he might have. All in all, this is a revealing interview and, if you are not already a long-time fan of Jordan’s work, a great introduction to one of the medium’s most intriguing indie creators.