Comics Alternative, Episode 157: Steve Ditko’s Self-Published Comics

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An Avenging Mind


On this special episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at a variety of Steve Ditko’s self-published comics. Since 2008, Ditko, along with Robin Snyder, has been putting out original work on a fairly regular basis. These comics are created and distributed independently — and for the past few years have been crowdfunded by Kickstarter campaigns — and as such, they have fallen below the radar of most comics readers. Beginning with The Avenging Mind, Ditko has sporadically produced superhero stories, crime/noir narratives, psychological allegories, and comics that reflect his socio-political ideas and philosophies. Among the ongoing serials in these self-published comics, Derek and Andy discuss “Miss Eerie,” “The Cape,” “The ?!,” “The Grey Negotiator,” “The Madman,” “Outline,” and “E (e) and I (i).” There are several themes that rise to the surface of these stories, such as traditional heroics, the use of masks, and the tenants of Objectivism. And of course, there are the Mr. A. strips that have come to define much of Ditko’s later work. Of particular interest to the Two Guys are those comics that reflect Ditko’s complicated attitudes toward, and perhaps relationship with, his fans. At first glance, the stories that revolve around Eye Inquire and The Anti-s (AKA, Fan Man and Fan Boy) may seem dismissive and even condescending, but Andy and Derek point out that there is a deep history underlying the tone of these comics and part of their allure are the industry-based questions they open up.


Of special note: this is the 300th episode of The Comics Alternative that the guys have produced. Although, and as the title suggests, this may be the 157th weekly show — those regular review episodes that come out every Wednesday — it is part of the larger body of podcasting work that has included over three-year’s-worth of interviews, on-location shows, specials, and monthly series devoted to webcomics, manga, and young adult/children’s comics. Celebrate the occasion by telling others about the podcast!


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Sensation Spectacular – Episode 16: Jason Ciaramella

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Sensation Spectacular – Episode 16

Show Notes

Special Guest: Jason Ciaramella.

Jason Ciaramella is the Eisner nominated writer at IDW whose books have included Joe Hill’s The Cape and its prequel The Cape 1969, Godzilla, and Kodiac. On this Sensation Spectacular episode, Jason and Ryan K Lindsay taking a wandering chat through the minefields of childhood reading habits, breaking into comics, digital comics, and how long it should take your lazy ass to bust out a script.

Jason Ciaramella can be found on Twitter as @jasonciaramella and his books (including The Cape which Ryan boasts as one of the best books of 2011) can be found in trade format at your LCS, just ask politely, or on ComiXology


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Comic Book Pitt #95 – Spoilers and Sphincters

There is no way we could record a new episode and not talk about the big 100th issue of The Walking Dead. To avoid MAJOR SPOILERS, skip ahead to 27:45.

After that, we catch up on the issues of Before Watchmen that have come out so far (Minutemen, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Nite Owl, Ozymandias) and our feelings are mixed.

The Bag and Burn feature returns!

Earth 2 #3
Prophet #26
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1
Spider-Men #1 and #2
The Hypernaturals #1
Hit Girl #1
Hardcore #1
Planetoid #1
Hero Worship #1
The Cape: 1969 #1

The DARK KNIGHT RISES poster contest deadline has been extended to July 22nd so there’s even more time to get your entry in. One winner gets BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT on Blu-ray!

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Fight For Comics – Episode #108 – Comic Book Ketchup

Fight For Comics 108

It’s that time folks. Time for another uncanny edition of Comic Book Ketchup. The Warriors review many books that left them scratching their heads. Constantine an inmate? Jimmy Jupiter? Spider people with bizarre twists? People with their manhood for a nose? What is going on here!? Listen and find out.

Comic Book Ketchup

Books reviewed:

John Constantine, Hellblazer #282 (Vertigo)
Written by Peter Milligan; Art by Simon Bisley

Daredevil #2 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Mark Waid; Art by Paolo Rivera & Joe Rivera

Captain America #2 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten & Dexter Vines

Hellboy: The Fury #3 (Dark Horse Comics)
Written by Mike Mignola; Art by Duncan Fergredo

Snarked! #0 (Boom! Studios)
Written and drawn by Roger Langridge

Amazing Spider-Man #667 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Dan Slott; Art by Humberto Ramos & Carlos Lobo Cuevas

The Cape #1 (IDW Publishing)
Written by Jason Ciaramella; Art by Zach Howard

Criminal: The Last Of The Innocent #3 (Icon)
Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Sean Phillips

Flashpoint #4 (DC Comics)
Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Andy Kubert & Jesse Delperdang

Chronicles of Wormwood TPB (Avatar Press)
Written by Garth Ennis; Art by Jacen Burrows

New Avengers #15 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Mike Deodato Jr.

Severed #1 (Image Comics)
Written by Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft; Art by Attila Futaki

Jonah Hex #70 (DC Comics)
Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti; Art by Diego Olmos, Ryan Sook, Mick Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Carbon Grey #2 & 3 (Image Comics)
Written by Khari Evans, Paul Gardner, Mike Kennedy & Hoang Nguyen; Art by Khari Evans, Kinsun Loh & Hoang Nguyen

X-Men: Schism #2 & 3 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Frank Cho & Daniel Acuña

Trivia Contest: B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess #1 signed by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Guy Davis and Dave Stewart plus Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker #1-3.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 083 Cap and Bucky #620 – Godzilla #5 – The Vault #1

Bo and John sit down and talk about comics, then stand up and talk about comics, then jump in the hammock and talk comics before going snorkeling and talk comics. Oh, and then they talk about comics. COMICS!

Intro & Outro Music:
“Horsefeathers” by Bo

0:00:50 – Intro’s & Tiredness & Captain America
0:03:20 – The Vault #1 (Image Comics)
0:07:30 – Mysterius Ways #1 (Top Cow)
0:11:18 – Captain America & Bucky #620 (Marvel)
0:17:20 – Criminal Macabre & The Goon One Shot (Dark Horse)
0:22:50 – The Cape #1 (IDW)
0:25:55 – Amazing Spider-Man #666 (Marvel)
0:31:35 – Crossed Psychopath #4 (Avatar Press)
0:34:55 – Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5 (IDW)
0:38:25 – TPB’s, Kisses and Exit Stage Left

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Burnt Weiners Episode 077 That Hellbound Train #1 – Moriarty #2 – D&D #8

On this week’s episode of Burnt Weiners, the guys learn an important lesson about sharing and not pissing off the cats. Oh . . . and lots of awesome comics talked about. Happy Father’s Day!

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam WarRock – “Iron Man”
West Coast Avengers Mixtape

0:00:48 – Intros and Rolling For Initiative
0:05:40 – That Hellbound Train #1 (IDW)
0:11:50 – Ruse #4 (Marvel Crossgen)
0:14:55 – Moriarty #2 (Image)
0:19:45 – Deadland: The Devil’s Six Gun (Image)
0:23:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #8 (DC)
0:30:00 – The One #1 (CGS Studios)
0:35:40 – Flashpoint: Grodd of War (DC)
0:40:30 – Dungeons & Dragons #8 (IDW)
0:46:35 – The Living & The Dead TPB (Speakeasy Comics)
0:53:15 – John’s Medley: The Cape, Gladstones School for World Conquerers #2,
Deadpool Max #11, Blue Estate #3, Crossed Psychopath #3
0:57:20 – Bo’s Medley: Arkham Asylum Madness TPB, Walking Dead TPB 14
1:01:10 – Wrap Up, Web Comics, Cats and Lameness

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 119 – Kickin’ It Old School

The Backroom team take a page from the past by doing one long segment featuring under-appreciated characters, the latest news, and what they’ve been reading.

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Comic News Insider Episode 333 – From East Harlem to Pontypridd

Comic News Insider: Episode 333 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  Alpha Flight Vol 4 #0.1, Rocketeer Adventures #1, Star Wars Jedi The Dark Side #1

Rich werewolf

Old pal Richard McAuliffe joins Jimmy from sunny Wales to co-host. The boys chat about the recent Big Apple Con, the current Book Expo, Bristol Expo, TV Wonder Woman’s booty shorts, Grace Helbig’s sketch show and more. News includes: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns at Hero Complex Fest, BBC America postpones Doctor Who, Immortals movie will send you to San Diego Comic-Con, Napoloen Dynamite gets animated, The Walking Dead board game, Chris Hardwick takesThe Nerdist to BBC America, Joe Hill’s The Cape returns, and Todd Klein’s new print features Steve Rude. As always, the Top 3, listener feedback and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!


Completely Free!

Welcome back to Completely Comics! This week we return to our regularly formatted show. We talk about our Free Comic Book Day experience, but we also spend time catching up on the events of our past week and Thor and The Cape and Flashpoint and considering our own mortality. Enjoy!

1) Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 21: Completely Free!

2) Update with the guys

•Troy news
     1. The Cape, now on ebay!
     3. Marvel Verses DC
     4. Clinton, TN
     5. Family Stuff

•Will news
     1. Weekend Off
     2. Death in the Family
     3. Free Comic Book Day
     4. Flashpoint vs Fear itself

3) Comic Book News

•News of the week from comics
•Multi-Media comic related news

4) Review of Thor

5) Wiki of the Week – Julia <3′s Green Lantern

6) Muy Bueno and honorable mentions

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 103 – Superhero Morality

The Backroom team discuss superhero morality, review NBC’s The Cape, share items on their pull lists, and give some #1 comic reviews.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 98 – Looking Forward And Back

The Backroom crew tackle the December 2010 comic preview guide and look back at the year in comic based movies and TV.

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Additional, we put together a last minute Christmas shopping guide: