The Next Issue 44: Enrica, Bob and The Witcher

The Next Issue Podcast

Before the show starts, we talk to Enrica Jang about her new book Azteca, And then in this issue we discuss Bob Harras named EIC of DC Comics , Blackberry playbook and retailers speaking out on $3.99 price points that caused severe drops of comic sales in August. In What’s tangling the webs we talk about the new Harry Potter trailer..Kev is just ready to get it over with…and Bionic Vaginas yes, you read that correctly. In 1st Impressions we discuss Civilization V, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, Iron Man II Blu Ray and some shows from the fall line up. In Comics Reviews The 6th Gun Issue 4 and Kill Shakespeare Issue 5 among others are talked about. There is also mention of The Witcher on the show.

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 69 – Looking to the Future

The Backroom Comics crew travel to The Comic Shop to join Brian Meredith for a look back on Emerald City ComiCon and forward to Jet City Comic Show, give advice on some new comic series, discuss web comics news, and debate DC’s recent price increase.

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