Sequential Underground #79 – Swiping

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Sequential Underground
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Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Our topic for this episode comes from a listener named Tomo, who’s asked us to discuss swiping in comics.

Tomo made a wild web chart to convey his sprawling thoughts about swiping.

Tomo’s definition of swiping is pretty broad, going so far as to include retold stories like Romeo and Juliet. So we begin our discussion by trying to nail down our personal definitions of swiping.

What’s the difference between plagiarism, swiping, imitation, homage, and parody? Are there clear distinctions between these concepts or are they basically the same thing?

And how does swiping work itself into the pages of indie cartoonists vs. mainstream comic book artists?

Ninja Turtles vs. Black Belt Hamsters: is this swiping, homage, or parody?

After the end theme, we turn into Culinary Underground and share some more sandwich recipes.

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