Superman Fan Podcast Episode #311: Superman 2014: Year In Review!

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With the end of the year, it’s time once again to take a break from the silver age adventures of Superman for the annual year in review episode of current Superman comic books. In this episode I review the issues 27 – 36 of the Superman titles ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN, (I have not yet received issue 37 of either title yet from DCBS.), and ACTION COMICS ANNUAL 3. I also review issues 5 – 8 of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED (not having received the series’ final issue 9 from my comic book service). The final two comic book issues reviewed are FUTURE’S END tie-ins of ACTION COMICS FUTURE’S END 1 and SUPERMAN FUTURE’S END 1.

In 2015 we begin the year looking at the Superman Family comic books cover dated October 1960, Part I featuring SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE 20, and Part II highlighting SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 48.

The third week of the year will spotlight the Superman comic book cover dated September 1963: ACTION COMICS 304.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season, and may you have a Happy and Prosperous 2015!

Legendary Batman artist Norm Breyfogle suffered a stroke during the holiday season and is paralyzed on his left side, and he is a left handed artist. As a freelancer he does not have insurance, but a fund has been established to help defray the costs of his medical treatment and rehabilitation. Please contribute if you can.

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Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/5/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/5/14

Bane N’ Al: Convicts on the Run, coming to The CW.

This week we review:
Axis # 4
The Amazing Spider-Man # 9
Spider-Verse Team-Up # 1 (of 3)
Lobo # 2
Gotham Academy # 2
Earth-2 # 28
Swamp Thing # 36
Superman Unchained # 9 (Final issue.)
Batman Eternal # 31

This week’s Short Stacks
Batman Eternal # 31

Superman Unchained # 9

btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 9/10/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 9/10/14

We venture on a trip to the 90s and a trip to Futures End. Which is more over-the-top?

This week we review:
Edge of Spider-Verse # 1
Magneto # 9
Deadpool # 34
Justice League United: Futures End # 1
Superman Unchained # 8
Batgirl: Futures End # 1
Batman: Futures End # 1
Batman Eternal # 23
btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/2/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/2/14

Thought you didn’t have enough Superman last week? How about 4 issues-worth of it?

This week we review:
Batman/Superman # 12
Action Comics # 33
Black Widow # 8
Magneto # 6
Rocket Raccoon # 1
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man # 3
Batwing # 33
Swamp Thing # 33
Green Lantern # 33
Green Arrow # 33
Earth-2 # 25
Superman Unchained # 7
Batman: Eternal # 13

Check out our new show Short Stack on GAU Studios Youtube page. It is short under a minute reviews of comics from every week.
This week’s Short Stacks-
Superman Unchained # 7: 
Earth-2 # 25 

btman 5

Girls With Issues Episode 26

This week we talk Superman Unchained #6, Ms. Marvel #2, Rocket Girl #4,

Episode 26

In the news this week:

Variant covers are here to stay and we only have ourselves to blame,

The Days of Future Past really needs to be in our present,

Fantastic Four gets a 2 before we even see a 1,

And our first look at the Age of Ultron.

All this and wonderful banter on Girls With Issues

PS Stop by our Itunes page and give us a review for a shout-out of gratefulness on next week’s episode.

Stay geeky friends!

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 3/19/14

Jim Lee finally handed his art in, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee return for Daredevil, and Deshawn has a new book! Could it be… a Marvel book?

This week we review:
Thor: God of Thunder # 20 (1:00)
Winter Soldier # 2 (2:30)
Iron Man # 23.NOW (4:50) Spotlight: Samurai Jack # 6 (8:00)
Superman Unchained # 6 (10:10)
Daredevil # 1 (14:06)
Wonder Woman # 29 (17:14)
Batman & Aquaman # 29 (20:36)
Harley Quinn # 4 (24:16)
Animal Man # 29 (26:26)

Animal_Man_Vol_2-29_Cover-1_Teaser btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/6/13

Still waiting for the Darksteak Zero Year tie-in.

This week we review:
Detective Comics # 25 (1:04)
Action Comics # 25 (4:10)
Green Lantern # 25 (7:30)
The Movement # 6 (10:00)
Swamp Thing # 25 (12:20)
Superman Unchained # 4 (14:44)
Earth-2 # 17 (18:04)
Batwing # 25 (22:04)
Green Arrow # 25 (25:04)
Forever Evil # 3 (30:52)
Firestorm Rant # 0 (34:00)

EARTH2_Cv17_f8kuicoufo_ EARTH2_Cv17_var btman 5

Breaking the 4th Wall – Episode 27

bt4w600x600logoWe have lots of news and books this week. We discuss Quantum & Woody, Six Gun Gorilla, East of West, XO Manowar, Sheltered, Justice League, Breath of Bones, Ballistic, Astro City, Ghosted, True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Batman, Walking Dead, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Indestructible Hulk, Superman Unchained, Storm Dogs, and Batman 66.

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Six Gun Gorilla, Reef Doctors officially sucks and Howard Sattler: Clod of the Highest Order



Turning Japanese perhaps? I really think so. At least no-one can say we don’t cater to international markets!

Now on with the retardedness!




“What do you think of The Hoff being here?”

1 like = 1 respect…. What the f*ck are you talking about?

We shed a pink eye on the latest Japanese trend; Worming

We are three times more optimal than the average podcast


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics!

In-game walkthroughs

Jimi Hendrix Vs Stevie Ray Vaughn

Rupert Murdoch: P*ssy Hunter

Jaden Smith’s Eyebrows

Insulting a Podblocked host (upon their request!)

Basking Sharks….. We aren’t sure why the f*ck

The Digital Comic Revolution

Hi Alison Grad Jones! You made us talk about Man of Steel

We would rather see Taylor Swift than Fear Factory

Complimenting a Podblocked host (upon another podcast’s request)

Beating off to your daughter that you didn’t know was yours (stick with us on this one!)



It’s official! Reef Doctors is a bona-fide piece of shit! (Amongst many other shows we have touted as garbage)

Celebrities being slacktivist blowhards…. Plus the Robocop statues!

UFP of the Week runner up: Worst car thief ever!

UFP of the Week: Howard Sattler, f*cking clod of the highest order



Comic reviews!

–          Superman Unchained

–          Batman #21

–          The American Vampire Anthology

–          The Wake

–          The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

–          Six Gun Gorilla

Sons of Anarchy comic via Boom studios

Astonishing Captain America

New Defenders of the Earth comic

Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead via Avatar Press

Journey into Mystery ending???

Matt Fraction’s Sex Criminals (a MUST for pre-orders as they WILL sell out!)

Zero by Ales Kot

Reality Check from Image

300: Rise of an Empire trailer

Man of Tai Chi trailer

Alpha Papa (Alan Partridge Movie) trailer

Iain Banks RIP

Yes, we are getting a 65 year old Terminator

IGN people’s choice for E3 goes to: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Final Fantasy XV looks incredible!

Xbox One/Microsoft response for “always online” and used games

PS4 will be region free and a removable/upgradable 500GB hard drive

Ouya sh*t fight

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 6/12/13

Fresh off the afterglow of Man of Steel, we take a nosedive into some Mad Max Batman, some actually enjoyable Superman and a onslaught of talking corpses and a perverted dummy making penis jokes. ..Yum?

This week we review:
Thor: God of Thunder #9 (1:30)
Nightwing #21 (2:19)
Deadpool #11 (3:40)
Batgirl #21 (5:30)
Killjoys #1 (8:32)
Demon Knights #21 (12:22)
Superman Unchained #1 (15:18)
Batman #21 (Start of Zero Year) (20:30)



Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #131: Age of Ultron #1, Sex #1 and Superman Unchained

Episode #131

This week on the podcast we review the start of Marvel’s latest event: Age of Ultron. Then we take a look at the controversial Sex #1 from IMAGE Comics, and talk about the upcoming Superman Unchained title. Listen in!



Is Age of Ultron off to a good start? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know.