Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #19 – Spindrift and Superbitch

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program
Listen to the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #19 right now:

Rebecca Cohen and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Rebecca (creator of The Adventures of Gyno-Star) and Nick held a secret competition on Facebook and the winning webcomic is the topic of today’s podcast! Errrrr, uuuhhhhh, sorta. See, we cheated and chose two webcomics: the gorgeous Spindrift and the hilarious Superbitch.

Spindrift is an impressive fantasy tale by Elsa Kroese and Charlotte E. English. It follows the fate of Morwenna, a young woman caught between two opposing cultures filled with magic, mysticism, and mystery.

Unlike most webcomics, Spindrift was born fully formed. It’s a captivating story that flows smoothly from the start. Elsa’s lush art and Charlotte’s smart dialogue make for a gripping reading experience.

Superbitch is a smart and silly superhero story about the sassy character of the same name. She’s surrounded by a couple of charming foils, the college burnout Art Hobo and the tech savvy Quinn.

Kennedy Cooke-Garza is a SCAD student who’s been posting Superbitch online for a couple of years. Reading through her archives is like going on an artistic journey of growth as she experiments with different styles and formats. Regardless of the changes, the writing is always richly layered with clever jokes.

Finally, after the end theme, Nick delivers an update about Hank 300, the missing ATCRP co-host. It wasn’t Twix. IT WAS NEVER TWIX!!!

Next Episode:
Will we ever hear from Hank again?!? Also, Jason is back to guide us through Battle Angela Alita v4 chapters 1-2.