A Podcast with Ross and Nick #144

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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Nick Marino read the digital ComiXology version of Wet Moon 6 and shares his thoughts with Ross Campbell. That leads to a discussion about digitizing printed work. Is it inappropriate for ComiXology to create a “smart panels” mode for a digital book without approval from the creators?

We eventually work our way to the EXTREME challenge, discussing two more shitty X-Men: The Animated Series episodes, #6061 (s4 e13 & s3 e19 on Netflix). Of course, Ross made screencaps and Nick made screencaps.

Then we switch to another cartoon we might watch from top-to-bottom: Street Sharks! Will creator Joe Galliani to respond to our tweet and join us on the podcast??

CALL TO ACTION!!! We need you to send us your nominations for the AudioShocker’s 2012 YOU DON’T SUCK Awards in the categories of Movies, Streaming Video, Comics, Podcasts, Tea, and Internet Meltdown. Leave your noms in the comments below. We’ll reveal the winners in #145.

After that, Nick rants about why he’s losing interest in superheroes movies. Ross adds more fuel to the fire by tossing out other reasons why superhero flicks are boring.

Finally, we ask a confusing question — on which Earth does DC’s Superman: Earth One take place? Is it “Earth One” or “Earth-1” or unnamed? And what about the main Earth in The New 52… which one is that??? After the end theme, we take the question to Twitter and get a shitload of ridiculous replies (and one possible answer).

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episode #62 (s4 e12 on Netflix).