Deconstructing Comics #555: Steve Pugh takes on “The Flintstones”

The Flintstones

One breakout hit comic of the past year is DC’s The Flintstones, by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh. This week, Tim and John Roberson talk with Pugh about the challenges of adapting the 1960s characters to a slightly more serious art style and discuss writer Russell’s decidedly different take on this classic Hanna-Barbera property.

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Wayne’s Comics #126 With Steve Pugh From Marvel’s ‘All-New Invaders’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Steve Pugh, Marvel Comics, Captain America, All-New Invaders, Animal Man, Hotwire, James Robinson

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuting in theaters last weekend, it’s the perfect time for me to interview Steve Pugh, artist on Marvel’s All-New Invaders, featuring Cap as one of its stars! We talk about how this assignment came to be and what he enjoys about his work on this revival of one of the company’s classic teams! We also chat briefly about the recent conclusion of DC’s Animal Man ongoing series and Hotwire, how I was introduced to his writing and art.

Don’t miss my interview with writer/artist Royden Lepp, creator of the soon-to-be released third volume of Rust, next week!


Riddick Review, The Australian Election and Michael Shannon to play both Elvis Presley AND Richard Nixon





We may sound funny to us, but we (hopefully) sound ok to you. Let’s get it on!


G Money thought Robbie Williams and Robin Williams were the same person for years.

We try to explain what happened with the Australian elections and what it might mean for us and the country


UFP Crew Questions!

–          It’s official, Iron Man 3 is terrible

–          New 52 Vs Marvel Now

–          Best/favourite Directors

–          Explaining the Australian elections via nerd/pop culture references

–          Yeast infections

–          Crabs

–          Thor 2 posters

–          Web shows we watch

–          Female superhero movies


You get to hear what we talk about over the break! It’s our reaction to the new Lobo.


Movie Review: Riddick


NERD NEWS! (@ 1 hour 29 mins)

–          JH Williams walks off Batwoman

–          CP Smith replaces Ben Templesmith on Ten Grand

–          All new Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh

–          Harley Quinn Zero issue art contest

–          Casting news for Amazing Spiderman 2 and 3

–          Mortal Instruments future uncertain (GOOD!)

–          Michael Shannon to play Elvis Presley

–          iPhone 5S released and no-one cares!

–          Diablo 3 for PS3/Xbox360

–          How much it would cost to make Dr Wily’s castle from Mega Man 2

Comic reviews

–          Infinity #2

–          Forever Evil

–          Battle of the Atom

Back To The Bins – Episode 99 and 15/23


Disenfranchised by the modern comics industry, Bill Robinson, Paul Spataro, and Scott Gardner now ply the timestream in a never-ending quest to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned randomly-selected Comic Book back issues!!  Journey with them now…back…Back To The Bins!!


“…this show is too good not to listen to.” — Luke Jaconetti, Being Carter Hall and El Jacone’s Comic Book Bunker 




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Wayne’s Comics 76: Steve Pugh From DC’s Animal Man

Steve Pugh, Wayne Hall, Gianluca Glazer, Wayne's Comics, Animal Man, Hotwire, DC Comics, Superman

In this final episode of the podcast (now at for 2012, I interview Steve Pugh, artist from DC’s Animal Man! He’s also co-creator of the terrific Hotwire, so we talk about many of the projects he’s working on. How long does he want to stay on Animal Man? Is there more Hotwire in our future? Listen and find out!

Then I review this week’s comics, and Gianluca Glazer joins me to catch us all up on the latest industry news before looking ahead to next week’s comics in the latest installment of ‘News & Previews.’

Everything wraps up as I continue my yearly fun holiday tradition of airing audio from “Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas,” so be sure to listen in!

Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope you enjoy them tremendously! See you in 2013!


Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #23

Jesse and Freddie discuss the issues leading up to the Animal Man/Swamp Thing Rotworld Crossover!

[02:40] Swamp Thing #6-12
[15:15] Animal Man #6-12
[31:17] Outro

Intro Music: J Church – “Smell It Rot”

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 117

1. [02:09] The Walking Dead #81
2. [10:00] Spongebob Comics #1
3. [15:09] Lil Depressed Boy #1
4. [22:01] Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 (OF 3)
5. [30:44] Northlanders #37
6. [37:37] 27 #3 (OF 4)


7. [41:39] Osborn #3 (OF 5)
8. [51:39] New Avengers #9
9. [56:41] Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #1 (OF 6)
10. [1:05:52] Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #153
11. [1:09:51] Wolverine #5.1
12. [1:15:09] Punisher Max #10

13. [1:22:44] Bakuman TP Vol 03

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 97

After surviving Comic Con, Jesse, Art, and Freddie gush over American Vampire, argue about Wonder Woman, and have a blast ridiculing Batman: The Widening Gyre.


Intro [0:00:19]


[01:13] American Vampire #5
[08:52] Northlanders #30
[13:40] Hotwire: Deep Cuts #1 (of 4)
[18:31] Time Bomb #1
[20:32] Abe Sapien: Abyssal Plain #2
[24:17] Yours Truly Jack The Ripper #2
[28:02] Pilot Season: Stellar


[32:16] Punisher: Max #9
[36:41] Wolverine: Weapon X #15
[39:29] Uncanny X-Men #526
[44:54] Secret Avengers #3
[49:40] Thor #612
[52:23] Thor: The Mighty Avenger 1&2
[55:58] Roundtable Discussion: Thor SDCC ’10 Trailer
[59:02] Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4 (OF 6)
[1:03:15] Flash #4
[1:05:56] Wonder Woman #601
[1:16:44] Batman:Widening Gyre #6 (of 6)

Outro [1:28:19]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 86

Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny(!) discuss free comics, indie comics, mainstream comics, and Indian mainstream comics.

Start / Intro: [0:00:21]

[0:01:42] Overview
[0:04:00] Th3rd World – The Stuff of Legend + City of Bones
[0:08:38] Radical Publishing – Welcome to R Universe
[0:14:21] Oni Press – The Sixth Gun
[0:19:32] Image Comics – Fractured Fables

[0:23:19] Stumptown #3 (of 4)
[0:27:55] Green Hornet #3
[0:34:14] The Walking Dead #71
[0:36:17] Aladdin: Legacy Of The Lost #3 (of 3)
[0:37:15] The Last Days of American Crime #2 (of 3)

[0:42:14] Detective Comics #864
[0:47:05] Green Lantern Corps #47
[0:49:44] Invincible Iron Man #25
[0:54:14] X-Force #26
[0:58:30] Thor #609
[1:00:03] New Avengers #64
[1:02:14] Siege: Secret Warriors #1
[1:11:58] Thunderbolts #143
[1:12:42] Ultimate Comics Avengers: v1 #6 + v2 #1

Trades [1:28:32]

  • Gigantic TP
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Volume 2 It Only Hurts When I Pee HC
  • Wolverine Noir TP
  • Hotwire TP
  • The Stuff of Legend Vol. 1

Next Week / Outro: [1:31:05]
HIGHLIGHTS: Brightest Day #1, Demo Volume 2 #4, Jonah Hex #1 (New Printing), $1.00, Jonah Hex #55, Sweet Tooth #9, Pilot Season Stealth #1, Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2, Uncanny X-Men #524, and Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1