November ’18 Comic Preview Picks

November solicits are out and there’s a lot to comb through. Ryan takes a few moments to touch on several titles he’s excited for and shares them with you. Everything from Marvel to IDW is touched on in this brand new show. Thanks for stopping by!

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Episode 112: The December Previews Catalog

Thank You, Carol Channing

EPSON MFP imageIt’s the beginning of the month, so the Two Guys with PhDs are back for look through the latest Previews catalog. This December, there’s a lot to choose from and discuss. After a brief digression into Thanksgiving activities and the 1968 Otto Preminger film, Skidoo (thanks Andy), the guys jump into this month’s solicits. They highlight an insane number of upcoming titles, including Rat God #1, GirlfiendMister X: Razed #1, and The Complete Pistolwhip (Dark Horse Comics); Suiciders #1 and The Filth Deluxe Edition (DC/Vertigo); Locke and Key: Master Edition Vol. 1The Untold History of Black Comic Books, and Star Slammers (IDW Publishing); Nameless #1, Sparks Nevada #1,  Postal #1, and Trees, Vol. 1 (Image Comics); Black Hood #1 (Dark Circle/Archie Comics); The Cluster #1 and Curb Stomp #1 (BOOM! Studios); Intelligent Sentient? (Drawn and Quarterly); 566 Frames (Fanfare/Borderline); Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 7Sweatshop, Saint Cole, and Displacement (Fantagraphics); Sculptor and Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula (First Second); Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (Locust Moon Press); Girl in Dior (NBM); and Meanwhile #1 (Soaring Press). This is a packed issue of Previews, and while they still continue to digest their holiday meals, Derek and Andy have a great time discussing the many new titles coming out over the next months.

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the original soundtrack of Skidoo
Episode 112 Image

Feed It Comics ep. 13 | “Munch Some Rug & Solve The Case!”

Hey everybody, Brother Shepherd and your good Doctor are very pleased to bring you a gem of an episode, where we once again retrieve a story FROM THE ARCHIVES and riff all over it. Detective Comics #459 to be exact. That’s not all though! We gaze into the future and take a look at some upcoming comics via previews and rant a little bit about the last episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Ultron even tries to take over the show at one point, and we get a letter from a special secret admirer. You can’t miss this one, so listen to it NOW and get it out of the way! The order of caretakers loves you, mwaaa! *blows sloppy kiss*


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Topics we cover:

  • Comic Book Previews
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES: Detective Comics #459
  • Agents of Shit… I mean SHIELD!
  • Windows VYST
  • Lots of other fun stuff.












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