Comic News Insider Episode 669 – The Snow is Out There!


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Reviews: Adventure Time: Ice King #1, Devolution #1, Man Plus #1, Pencil Head #1, Agent Carter S2 premiere, Legends of Tomorrow series premiere, Lucifer series premiere, The Magicians series premiere, X-Files season 10 premiere

Jimmy is joined in studio by frequent co-host/possible State Fair singer Emily Edwards! They survived the big blizzard and chat about the Suicide Squad trailer and that great Wonder Woman film footage. News includes: Steven Moffat to quit as Doctor Who showrunner, a Labyrinth sequel is in the works, yet another DC Comics relaunch may be coming in June, and a Star Trek convention is coming to NYC for the 50th anniversary. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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F BombCast 107: Super Dooper Fun Party

We are back with a vengeance. Well, almost everyone as Mike decides that Football is better than you people but he sends us his better half, and Kevin and I trudge through besides our urge to just sit in front of Fox News and drink from the Keg of Victory. Saw VI, Let the Right One In, and The Walking Dead is discussed to close out our month of horror. What candy bar does kevin like so much that he had to think about it. Comic talk is all over the place as Superman 703 and 704, Walking Dead Volume 5 & 6, Superman: Earth One OGN, and Velocity 1 & 2. Go check out Monkeyboys 30 Character in 30 Days challenge.

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