Comic Timing – Episode 90

Happy 3 years anniversary, Comic Timing! To celebrate, Brent (sleepy, yet not asleep) and Ian (somewhat hyper and smarmy) are joined by Brad Wilson from Comic Tube, and returning guest Chad Burdette (Unknown_Fanboy), as we discuss death in comic books. You know, that thing that happens every few years to your beloved characters, and gets reversed a few years, months, or days later? Yup, that’s the one. We discuss whether or not it should be permanent, what deaths are acceptable and what aren’t, who is untouchable and all that great stuff, so listen in! And listen to the end bloopers so you can be tired of those snakes on that Monday to Friday plane too.

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We shall see you next time. Thanks for listening, and thanks for downloading! And most importantly, thank you SO MUCH for supporting us for 90 episodes and three years. We love you guys!