Wayne’s Comics Podcast #154 With Siike Donnelly And Omar Spahi

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Thaniel, Foster, Monomyth, Xenoglyphs, Separators, Siike Donnelly, Omar Spahi, Brian Buccellato, Noel Tuazon, PJ Catacutan, Terry Huddleston, Eric Ninaltowski, OSSM

This week, I introduce you to another rising star in the comics industry, the folks at OSSM (pronounced “awesome”) Comics. To learn more about them and their products, go to their website at this link!

I talk with OSSM creators Siike (pronounced “seek”) Donnelly and Omar Spahi, who also are guiding the company into being another “up and coming” comics producer, ready to break into the mainstream by developing excellent comics filled with top-notch stories and art. We discuss their current books, Thaniel, Foster, Monomyth and Xenoglyphs, that latter miniseries leading into their ongoing Separators comic. You’ll want to learn about these terrific comics, so don’t miss it!

Next episode, I’ll have another great interview with another terrific comics creator, so be sure to listen in!

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #263 Part II: MegaCon 2013: Giving Back To Fandom Panel!

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The GIVING BACK TO FANDOM panel was the second one I attended at MegaCon 2013, on Friday, March 15, 2013. It was moderated by Siike Donnelly and Gene Hoyle, co-hosts of the NERD NATION RADIO podcast. Also on the panel were Kate CarletonRachel PandichPaul BarnesGrayven and Monica Ravenwolf, and Sarge, who hosts BATTLE DRAWN RADIO with Grayven. They discussed the Kickstarter funded graphic novel SOLESTAR, which was the topic of this episode of the NERD NATION RADIO podcast. Profits from the sale of SOLESTAR are going toward research to find a cure for brain aneurysms, of which Siike Donnelly is a survivor. Kate and Rachel also discuss the anthology WOMANTHOLOGY.

All of the panelists discuss using the medium of comic books to raise awareness, influence society and help save lives.



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