Final Issue Podcast: Episode 19 – Making a Living as a Comic Artist

Special guest Reilly Brown sits in for an absent Tyler as the panelists discuss whether the era of the sidekick has passed,DC’s new return policy and what Marvel’s lack of a movie presence at SDCC could mean. Final topic is an in-depth look at the reality of making a living as comic artist.

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Girls With Issues Episode 22

Girls With Issues Podcast: Episode 22

This week we talk Batman #28, She-Hulk #1, Sidekicks #5, Rucka is on a space opera, Green Lantern is about to get girly, Billea and Vicki finally come to an agreement about Spider-Man, lessons in how not to be an a-hole, and Jimmy the Cab driver makes his way to Gotham.

Batman 28 She-Hulk Sidekick 5