Sidekickcast Episode #89 – Hit the Road Jack


After a jolly ol’ festive season, the boys are back with a Special Guest, Jack Cooper.

The guys kick things off by taking statement of Jack’s late, but budding Geek credentials.

In the News the guys dissect the return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man.  Ant-Man Casting News and how it may pan out. Bones Runs down his top 5 Image Comics announcements.

Stack Attack visits Black Widow #1, Origin II #1,Marvel Point 1 and Animal Man #26.

The Final Crisis comes ever closer with Secrets and Lies – Will Jack be able to help Dan get back on top?

Sidekickcast Episode #87 – The Lost Tapes


After another monumental tech-fail, your favourite poscast hosts, Dan and Bones, roll out like transformer for another informative and business like episode.

In the news,there’s a one-sentence review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, update of Sex Criminals being banned by Apple.  We then move on to a brief update on the lost episode before getting some proper news about Netflix new Marvel Series and touch on some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dan has a new love for Arrow.  Bones get behind one of our fave artists Kickstarter project too.

In Stack Attack the guys hit up Batman #25, The Wake #5 and X-Men Gold.

Secrets & Lies edges ever closer to the ultimate 50th point and the threats are abound.

Before sign-off Dan tries to figure out the trailer for Day of the Doctor.

Sidekickcast Episode #85 – Autobots Anonymous


Bonjourno Sidekicks!
The guys bring another episode of Sidekickcast with added Chad!

Special guest star Chad kicks off the show with his love for The Transformers, which Gavin shares and confuses Dan.  Then the guys move onto what went down at Cardiff Comic Con and some news that’ll make you proud!

In the news we hit up the new Robocop trailer & Bat-fleck is dissected (follow #ibelieveinbenaffleck).

Stack attack comes at you in 3D with the first offerings from DC’s Villains Month.  We also review X-Men Battle of the Atom #1,Daredevil #30, Batman Inc special #1 and to wrap up Bones gives an abridged review of the last 4 Thor books, up to issue #12.

Will Chad be a helping hand Dan needs in this episode’s Secrets & Lies?  To find out, check it out, yo!

To end the show we have Gavin’s special interview with the one and only Gail Simone!!!

That’s w’us up!

Just in case you doubted us, here’s @gavlesidekick with Gail Simone just after their interview:


Sidekickcast Episode #84 – First world problems


After 4 failed attempts and 3 laptops later, the sidekickast bring you another fine episode, because we couldn’t let our fellow Sidekicks down!

This episode we’re joined by Pete Rogers, who fills us in on his new comic imprint, Dapper Chimp Press and gives us the 411 on the new and future projects coming from the studio. We also talk about submitting to comixology and trials in tribulations of self-publishing, including kickstarter. Bones also makes an audacious announcement about the future of his comics experience.

In Stack Attack the guys give a mention and start a campaign to ensure that everyone continues to purchase Collider despite the name change. Dan tries to get his head around Batman/Superman #2!  Bones hits up his digital first Batman Beyond 2.0, which Dan struggles with too.  Satellite Sam #2,The Bunker #2 and It Came #1.

In Secrets and Lies, the sidekicks look to close the gap for the final dare finale!!!

In our final section Doktor Andy interview the nerdcore legend that is Adam Warrock.  Ch-ch-ch-check it, yo!

Sidekickast Episode #82 – The Lego Colonel Kurtz


This episode Mickey Bumchin is back, not so much taking over as holding court!

Continuing last episodes mind-bending Dr Who education, Bones gives Dan a present to help him keep up with Doctor continuity.  Then it’s off with the latest Iron Man news and some 80’s cartoon revival amongst all the latest geek related news.

Next up: You may have heard a Man of Steel review, but not Mikey Bumchin’s attempt to dismantle the narrative sidekick style!

In Stack Attack the guys look at Superman Unchained #1, Avengers #14, Age of Ultron #10, Indestructible Hulk #9, Thor: God of Thunder #9, Batman #21.

Mikey Brings the noise on Secrets & Lies and all hell breaks lose.

Finally the Sidekicks battle for their lives in Injustice – Gods Among Us!

Sidekickcast Episode 81 – Page 4 Giants


This epsiode the boys try hard to keep to a schedule and have new(ish)news.  This week they discuss what the future holds for digital comics and DC2(squared).

Stack Attack is brought to you with a special guest from our sponsor, Fish 4 Comics and move on to just how bad the boys comic habits are.  Then they review Wake #1 and discuss the world it sits in! Brian Wood’s X-Men #1 capsizes Bones’ brain, so we go on to talk about Wolverine’s guy issues. Honourable breakdown to Guardians of the Galaxy so far, before moving onto Daredevil #26, Avengers Arena #10 and the Man of Steel Prequel comic that may just suggest something a little more!

Sidekickcast Episode 80 – Giant-Size Sidekickcast


At Last–the inevitable return of the Sidekicks!
It’s been a while so your Sidekicks, Gavin and Dan, are bustin up a bumper episode to get back into the swing of things.
This episode her about how the sidekicks became Iron Man and then  the boys finally talk about Iron Man Three and set phasers to sidekick as they also review Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Sprinkle in a bit of news about Stiffs abd the Pride 2’s too along with SHIELD Trailer breakdown and we’re back with the sections you know and love, yo!
In Stack attack Dan talks about his revitalized love for comics through trades. Bones reviews the controversial Saga, honorable mentions to Uncanny X-Men (where the guys deconstruct Cyclopsn via Bendis’ writing), Hawkeye, Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Grey, Ten Grand,Aliens Vs Parker and re-inventing the Indy plan with Brian K Vaughn’s Private Eye.
We triumphantly return with Stack Attack where Dan has a great chance to catch up in the ever-closing gap. Finally as it’s the wee hours and they guys have been joined by Gentleman Jack, The Sidekicks pitch their new outro ideas…then fighting ensues!

Sidekickcast Episode #79 – Viva La Bumchin


Mikey Bumchin bangs in a hat trick on his 3rd Sidekickcast takeover.
There’s a bumper edition of the news this episode including Mikey’s own comic book story “Simple rules of time travel”, the future of the Ghost Rider movie franchise, Nightcrawler in Days of Future Past, Future DLC for Injustice, Supergirl redesign and many more tid-buts!

In Stack Attack we devour and disseminate Age of Ultron 1 and Dan shows Bones how to use Marvel AR, Daredevil 23, new indie book Moon 1 & 2, All New X-Men 8 and Justice League of America 1.

Taking his takeover duties seriously, Mikey tries to dust the boys fan-fave Secrets & Lies, but Bones’ knowledge of Beauty and the Beast songs may have him pulling further ahead!

Bumchin makes us check Kick-Ass’ new trailer and finally the boys round of the show with a hearty debate about the future of the Kid Wonder; Robin.

Sidekickcast Episode #76 – Punk Rock Secrets and Jesus Lies



It’s number 76 folks!!!

Bringing it bad to our original MO we have a brand new sidekick for this episode! The new sidekick explains how he thought Dan was a total loser before getting him into comic books.

The usual news and awesomeness is discussed by the sidekicks and Bones explains his new comic speculative schemes before we review the final issue of Punk Rock Jesus – will it be all they hoped for? Harvest, Thunderbolts #1, Daredevil: End of Days and Superior Spider-Man #1

Secrets and lies gets a new twist in honour of Punk Rock Jesus and in an attempt to close the gap, Dan brings his own quiz!
We also have guest music from Monitor Clothing’s Seanus Savant and our usual out take japery!!

Sidekickcast Episode #75 – 619 Review Show 2012


With the end of the year in site the Sidekicks sit back over Christmas to discuss their 619 choices of 2012 backed up by everyone’s favourite recurring guest star, Lil Fat MIkey. There’s a rundown on some of the biggest geek news of the year as well as a special BOOYAKA edition of Secrets and Lies. C619 categories were:

  • Cover
  • Splash Page
  • Big 2 Ongoing
  • Big 2 Limited Series
  • Indy Ongoing
  • Indy Limited Series
  • Writer
  • Artist

It’s an extra long show this time as there’s so much to get through, but an extra long show means extra long out-takes too so don’t forget to listen past the outro music yo!

Sidekickcast Episode #70 – The GTFM Takeover

We have a confession…this is not the podcast you were looking for…episode #70, the latest Bumchin takeover was lost to us in what can only be described as the balls up to end all balls ups. Please send all complaints to @danlesidekick.

What we have for you instead though is an edited version of The Sidekicks recent appearance on Showcase Wales, a new music radio show broadcast by GTFM and hosted by our very own Lee Wood (of That Games Podcast).

We can’t promise you any of the usual abusive language, reviews or comic book new quizes but we still manage to get in some comic book talk and the DJ Clash to end all DJ clashes; Sidekick vs Sidekick.

Sidekickcast Episode #68 – Cap in the Cube

Joining regular hosts Gavin and Dan in the Danger Room this episode is local comic book shop owner and fiends to the Sidekicks, Rob Fish. They all talk some bollocks about comics and movies including Avengers Assemble, Iron Man 3 and Gambit before moving on to some reviews in Stack Attack.

Reviews: AvX#1-2, The Omega Effect, Secret #1, Secret Service #1. Smoke and Mirrors #2, Red Hood and the Outlaws #8, America’s Got Powers #1, The Manhattan Projects #2 and possibly more I can’t quite remember right now.

In a twist to the usual set up, Rob tests both Sidekicks as he takes over Secrets and Lies and Smack My Pitch Up makes a dramatic return to the Sidekick final segment spot. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual brand of ridicule and disaster.


Sidekickcast Episode #66 – Phone a Friend

Como Esta, Sidekicks!

Listen in awe as the Sidekicks assemble for yet another show for you and yours!

Gav sits in shock as Dan assaults him like Sean Cassidy while delivering all your favorites in true comic hero stylee!!!

Firstly they set upon the geek worlds news like the Norse Gods of Current Events.

In this weeks Stack Attack brought to you by the boys bum-rush a number-1-o-rama with Mondo #1, Age of Apocalypse #1, Hell Yeah #1 and Superbia #1.

Then slung at you like Cap’s Shield is everyone’s favorite News Quiz with a Twist, Secrets & Lies – this week with an extra life-line thrown in for good measure.

Finally, like Magneto’s Manifesto, the boys run down all your choices for You Decide!  Only one feature will survive and that is up to you!!!

Listen to the show and then get yourself over to twitter and pick your favorite feature of the last 4 weeks with the hash tag #youdecide

Get on that!!!


Sidekickcast Episode #65 – Live and Direct Yo!

This episode of the Sidekickcast is brought you in association with Geek News Radio and was broadcast live on Saturday 18th February.

Join Gavin, Dan and guest host Rob Fish for exactly one hour of live Sidekick and sometimes they even talk about comic books. In the news is Cardiff Comic Expo, the launch of Into the Woods, Before Watchmen and lawsuits a plenty.

A limited Stack Attack due to time constraints but we manage to get in reviews of Batman #6, The New Avengers #21 and Lou Scannon #1.

The comic book news quiz with a twist, Secrets and Lies manages to baffle even the most acute comic book minds but how will Rob Fish, owner of Fish4Comics cope, surely he should have no problem? We finish the podcast with a very brief, Amazing Fantasy Team Up before making way for the rest of that night’s live line up. We even manage to get some out-takes in just after the outro music.

Sidekickcast Episode #63 – The 619 Review Show 2011

Running a little late into the New Year but back once again, it’s the renegade masters, Dan and Gavin with their 619 Review Show 2011. Backed up by Sidekicks from the intergalactic, interwebs, The Sidekickcast give you rundown of their favourite news, films and of course comics of 2011. The categories for the 619 choices of 2011 run like this:

619 Cover

619 Splash Page

619 Big 2 Ongoing

619 Big 2 Limited Series

619 Indy Ongoing

619 Indy Limited Series

619 Writer

619 Artist

As always, the sidekick manage to squeeze in at least one game of Secrets and Lies, the comic book news quiz with a twist but this being the 619 show, there’s a little extra twist to keep Dan on his toes. If you want to play along in the Sidekickcast drinking game, make sure to take a drink every time Gavin says fantastic and don’t forget to stick around past the outro music for the usual brand of abusive out-takes.