X-Men Monday Ep. 78: Holiday Cheer & Comics

Last week X-Men comics have been read and discussed among Ryan and his fellow co-host Allen. Will the guys see eye to eye on the books? Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), Merry X-Men #1 (1:49), X-Men: The Exterminated #1 (8:22), Uncanny X-Men #4 (16:20), Shatterstar #3 (25:35), Wrap Up (31:44)

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Uncanny Nerdverse: X-Men Monday 074

Between Ryan and Allen, no mutant related comic released last week goes unread or untouched. Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), X-Men Red #10 (2:00), X-23 #6 (8:35), Shatterstar #2 (12:39), Weapon X #25 (16:39), Iceman #3 (19:14) Typhoid Fever: X-Men #1 (21:59), Wrap Up (25:14)

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X-Men Monday Episode 69: What If? Allen

Happy X-Men Monday fellow mutant fans! Ryan and Allen are back to serve up their reviews on last weeks comics. It’s a bit of skeleton episode and stripped down for this late recording session. Thanks for listening!

Patreon Preview: X-Men Blue #7-9 “Secret Empire” (0:00), Intro (0:35) Shatterstar #1 (1:28), What If? X-Men #1 (10:40), Weapon X #24 (23:07), X-Men Black: Magneto #1 (26:56), Outro (36:53)

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X Report ep003: Shatterstar & Rictor get new looks!

Another X Report coming at you live in stere-ere-o! Recent new on Shatterstar and Rictor get new looks and Sina Grace gives an Iceman update. Thanks for listening!

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Arc Reactions – 98 – Deadpool 2 (film)


We talk about Deadpool 2 in this episode. Topics include the humor, the characters, bad decisions made, and speculating on the possibility of an X-Force movie

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Our next episode will be Arc Reactions 99 – Solo (film) on June 3rd

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Back To The Bins! #44


Disenfranchised by the modern comics industry, Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey (of “View From The Longbox” and “From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast” fame) now ply the timestream in a never-ending quest to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned randomly-selected Comic Book back issues!! Journey with them now…back…Back To The Bins!!


We hope you enjoy our show and will join us each and every week for more of
“Back To The Bins!”

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Comics on Comics Radio # 9: John Arcudi

Comics on Comics Radio strikes back with our electrifying ninth episode! Host Sax Carr welcomes comic book veteran John Arcudi (B.P.R.D., Wednesday Comics, Predator) along with Asterios Kokkinos (Cracked Magazine, NPR’s Marketplace), Steven Saunders (Secret Cross) and Blair Marnell (Wizard Magazine) for another round of comics & comedy!


In this episode, our panel looks at the return of gimmick covers at Marvel, examines the controversy over Shatterstar’s sexuality and the ensuing war of words between Rob Liefeld and Peter David before John Arcudi gives us the inside track on Wednesday Comics and takes a look back at his career to date along with a glimpse at what’s coming up in B.P.R.D.: King of Fear


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