Comics Alternative, Episode 226: The February Previews Catalog

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It’s that time of the month, and on this week’s regular episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at the February Previews catalog. Before they do that, though, they update everyone on current comics news and podcast updates, as well as share listener mail. Then they get into the current Previews catalog, highlighting a variety of upcoming titles from both large and small publishers alike. Among the upcoming comics they discuss are offerings from:


Dark Horse Addiction – Episode 3

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Show Notes

Welcome back to the show!

Traditions are made. Leo and Charles tell the epic story of how the podcast was so good, it was suspended from Twitter and then reinstated. (shoutout to Gobee at Twitter support!) The guys take a look at Shaolin Cowboy, Skyman #1, and Mind MGMT. Charles has a love letter ready for Mind MGMT. Plans are made for Wizard World New Orleans.

Leo and Charles will be at Wizard World New Orleans Feb. 7-9! If you’re there also, let us know!

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