Comic News Insider Episode 743 – Auld Lang CNI!


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Reviews: Hulk Vol 4 #1, Supergirl: Being Super #1

Jimmy is joined in studio again by the Jon-uary co-host, Jon Hoche! They wish you a happy new year and gush over the Wonder Woman trailers. Jimmy also laments how a friend will try to keep talking about an episode of a show they both watch even when Jimmy says he hasn’t seen the one from the previous night yet! The nerve! News includes: Geoff Johns will write some Watchmen comics, Grant Morrison’s Multiversity kind of returns, Rob Liefeld has sold the film options to more of his comic endeavors and The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln promises more levity when the show returns. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #232 With Shannon Lee and Jeff Kline

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Bruce Lee, Dragon Rises, Jeff Kline, Darby Pop, Shannon Lee,

Be sure to listen to this special episode! This week, I talk with Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee and a powerful creator in her own right, and Jeff Kline, founder of Darby Pop Publishing, who are two of the driving forces behind Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, their new comic series that made quite a showing during the recent Free Comic Book Day! I discuss with them how the book came together, how it helps preserve Bruce’s legacy while introducing him to a new generation of fans, and what we can expect from them in the future! To get your copies of these books, check with your local comics shop, go to their store at the Darby Pop website or find this book on Comixology! Be sure to support this terrific comic series!