RBDHB – Batman: Dark Victory

RBDHB – Batman: Dark Victory

After finally finishing up X-Men (for now), the Year of the Bat specials continue with Batman: Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale.


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RBDHB: The Long Halloween


Fresh off the conclusion of the Knightfall Saga, we’re diving headfirst into the Jeph Loeb stories, starting with the much-loved Batman: The Long Halloween.

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RBDHB Knightfall: KnightsEnd – Part 3


The Knightfall Saga comes to its inevitable conclusion in KnightsEnd. We talk about how the storyline wraps up and what Bane’s up to afterwards in Batman: Bane of the Demon.

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RBDHB Knightfall: Who Rules The Night – Part 2


The Knightfall Saga continues its trend of despair and ultra-violence in “Who Rules the Night”.


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #176: Batman: Arkham Knight Theories & Comic Reviews!

Episode #176

On this podcast we throw out some Batman: Arkham Knight theories. Then we talk some comics with Starlight #1, Moon Knight #1 and Veil #1. Good times. Listen in!

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Could Rocksteady strike gold again with Aquaman. Foshkos thinks so.

RBDHB Knightfall: Broken Bat – Part One


Real Books Don’t Have Batman Podcast

The Knightfall Saga truly begins in “Broken Bat”, as the Year of the Bat proceeds.

btman 5 Batman-Knightfall-Part-1-DC-Comics-Trinity-Comics-Review

ARP – 08 – Knightfall part 1

DC comics published Knightfall in 1993 in Batman and Detective Comics. This story is one of the most famous Batman stories and we were excited to read and discuss this. In this episode, we talk about the key players (Batman, Bane, Robin, and Azrael) as well as the choices the writers made in telling the story.


Talking points

  • Bad things
  • Joker teaming up with Cornelius Stirk and Scarecrow (14:00)
  • Too many references to ‘exhausted’ Batman (18:50)
  • Where was the Bat-Family? (22:00)
  • Good things
    • Grounding in reality (26:30)
    • Cameos (32:30)
    • Porsche crash (33:10)
  • General
    • Fight differences between Batman issues and Detective issues (35:20)
    • Villains used in the story (42:30)
    • Robin’s role (48:50)
    • Bane (1:06:30)
    • Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) (1:11:05)

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ARP – 08 – Knightfall Part 1.mp3


Our next podcast will be  November 3rd and it will be part 2 of Knightfall.


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The Batman Adventures #5



Can Namtab and Borni stop the Werrocacs’s evil scheme to render all of Thamog Ticy dyslexic? Find out in the Stunning Conclusion to the “Illiteracy Plague”!!

Hosted by Scott H. Gardner!!

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The Batman Adventures #4



Panic in the streets of Gotham City as the devastating “illiteracy plague” causes hundreds of thousands of citizens to lose the ability to read!! It’s Batman and Robin to the rescue, but are even the Dynamic Duo doomed to dyslexia?? Find out in this newest exciting episode of The Batman Adventures, hosted by Scott H. Gardner!!

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